Leveraging SMS and MMS Marketing campaigns to drive sales and brand awareness

SMS Marketing has been around for more than a decade now but this is still a new and exciting tool for brands and agencies. Many organizations use this tool in conjunction with their other marketing tools such as e-mail marketing, mobile app marketing, voice call marketing etc. Other organizations use the SMS Marketing tool as the focal point of their Mobile Marketing campaigns. The direct access and interaction is very appealing not only to brands but also to consumers. I was walking around New York City this past weekend and stopped by one of my favorite shops, Express. I was greeted by a lovely host who pointed me right away to a large poster that was advertising the SMS and MMS campaigns Express is running in their stores. The poster is sophisticated yet simple.

Express displays SMS campaign in stores

Express displays SMS campaign

Express displays SMS campaign










This display engages Express customers and continues interacting with them even after they have left the store. I signed up for the program by following the call to action:

                             TEXT EXPRESS to 397-737

I received an SMS auto-reply message right way. This message introduced me to the program, message frequency, and asked for my permission to receive future promotions. Since subscribers phone numbers are a very personal and direct access to them, Mobile Marketing via short codes has a list of compliance requirement that all Mobile marketers and Mobile Marketing providers need to follow based on industry standards (www.mmaglobal.com). Some of these requirements (such as message frequency, program name, etc) were part of the initial message.

SMS Marketing Auto Reply Message

MMS Marketing campaign






A few days later I received an MMS (Mulitimedia Message Service) alert regarding EXPRESS sales that included a picture. The second alert followed three days later, also as an MMS promotion and I was pleased to see a short video that displays the latest Express trends and clothing line along with a 40% off coupon.

Express is going a great job in not only sending their customers great SMS and MMS offers but also creating brand awareness and engaging its customers. They are balancing between having immediate access to their customers via SMS and MMS campaigns but also not overwhelming them with a furry of SMS and MMS  messages on daily basis. This balanced approach will result in greater audience, greater brand recognition, and ultimately greater sales for Express.


Text-To-Win Contests: Innovative Mobile Marketing

One of the primary advantages mobile marketing offers to today’s businesses is fast and enduring engagement. Since almost everyone carries a cell phone and checks text messages as soon as they arrive, mobile marketing allows companies to reach a wide audience and inspire immediate action. A text-to-win contest leverages the power of mobile marketing to build brand awareness and promote a business from a comprehensive, holistic angle. Customers who enter the contest will want to know more about the rules and potential prize. They’ll be motivated to explore the company website and educate themselves, becoming new leads already invested in the business.

If you want to capitalize on the many advantages of text-to-win contests for your company, you’ll want to get help from an industry leader. Online advice on text message marketing is a great place to start. To get the most out of your campaigns,talk to ProTexting for solutions tailored to your industry and budget. With years of experience in the field and a dedicated team that stays up-to-date with the evolving industry, ProTexting matches client businesses to the ideal marketing strategies. When you unlock your company’s potential with a text-to-win contest, everyone wins. Contact ProTexting to learn more today.

Text Message Marketing for Retail Businesses

Online shopping is a major presence in our daily lives. Digital retail portals are everywhere, but studies continue to show that brick-and-mortar retail locations are essential for many customers. A steady number of today’s buyers want the traditional in-store experience, complete with the customer service and personal attention to which they’ve become accustomed. How do you reach this core audience and ensure reliable foot traffic at your retail location? Text message marketing is an effective and affordable option for any business eager to bring in more potential buyers.

Mobile Marketing Coupons

Not every customer who prefers an in-person retail experience will respond positively to online marketing, but almost everyone carries a cell phone, and most mobile users check their text messages within minutes of delivery. With mobile marketing, business leaders can alert customers to ongoing sales, solicit feedback with surveys, share links to online content such as a company website, or even start a contest. All of these strategies will supplement a strong retail experience and drive further engagement with your brand. ProTexting’s SMS marketing options will equip business leaders to create innovative and cost-effective plans for their retail locations. Contact ProTexting today and find out more about how mobile marketing is helping the world’s top stores succeed!

SMS Marketing: Driving Engagement at Sports Events

With fall just around the corner, more and more potential customers are attending sports events. Engaging the audience at a sporting event is potentially profitable, but difficult through conventional marketing strategies. SMS marketing is simply the most effective way to catch the attention of an audience and drive the engagement that will fuel future sales. The end of the fiscal year will soon arrive: for businesses that want to see a successful Q4, mobile marketing is always a smart move.

Text message marketing is well-suited to sporting events where some downtime separates each play. In between the action, the stadium can encourage spectators to participate in a mobile campaign. This can directly benefit the stadium or arena as well as pointing customer toward an important sponsor. Eager for a distraction to hold their attention as they wait, guests at sporting events are likely to engage with a mobile campaign. By opting in, these attendees become new potential leads, ready to hear more about products and services from the business to which they’ve reached out.

Mobile marketing for sports can also be a major asset to sports teams and companies themselves, keeping customers involved long after a game ends. With a well-maintained list of mobile contacts, a sports company can reach out to fans at any time, throughout the season and beyond. Almost everyone in the seats at a sports game reaches for his or her phone in between plays. Businesses at the forefront of today’s marketing trends with help from ProTexting will be the first thing those customers see. Contact our company today and learn how SMS marketing can help your business grow.