Firetrap – Another great major British apparel brand at Nolcha Fashion Week

Firetrap is a British clothing company, founded in 1991,specializing in premium menswear and accessories. It is the main brand within the WDT company (World Design and Trade), which also owns its sister brand Fullcircle along with previous brands SC51 and Sonnetti Firetrap is firmly established internationally and is sold in more than 30 countriesand is available in 1,500 stores worldwide. The brand has its own eight stand-alone stores in the UK and one new store in Dubai with concessions throughout Europe in Italy, German and France.

The clothing line places special emphasis on pea coats and oversized sweaters and has been known to personify a twisted sense of humor and surreal rendering.  Founded in 1993 Firetrap is a super sharp denim and lifestyle brand that has constantly championed the edgier elements of dressing and the maverick spirit of British culture.

Firetrap is a mirror of London style, culture and attitude taking inspiration from the diverse sights, sounds and flavors that define London life. Stores reflect this shift in brand identity showcasing Firetrap’s experimental, progressive and gritty attitude infused with a touch of urban sprawl.

London’s legendary subversive wit and rebellious rock ‘n’ roll spirit.  Firetrap’s stand-alone stores reflect the local environment while maintaining the twisted Firetrap industrial aesthetic look.

The stores demonstrate Firetrap’s progressive, forward thinking British spirit and dark, rebellious attitude. Complete with crazy looking antiques, chandeliers constructed from power cables, insulators and electrical boxes, rolled steel, denim walls and padded cell fitting rooms, the  store’s design creates a twisted impression of a modern industrialism.

Communicating with the consumer is essential for Firetrap and the brand has consistently championed new music talent, underground venues and subversive cultures that their consumers hold dear—perfect for a creative and inspiring mobile marketing campaign. –Kalin J.