Comedian Wali Collins and the power of trying something new

“I’ve noticed when people try something they have never tried before, they want to chat about it. And there is a feeling of fun and there is the feeling of freedom. It keeps your brain alive.” – Wali Collins

In Wali’s book, each passage is called an encouragement—something new for you to try. At the end of the day people are sad about the things they never tried. It’s not about succeeding or failing, what is important is that you at least try.  That is what Y’NEVEANO is all about. The Y’NEVEANO logo is a door that is slightly open.  There is a whole philosophy with that door, it represents possibilities, and it is inviting you to try something new. Representation of the door is the possibility of opportunities and everything behind that door that is worth having. Pushing the door open is the effort of trying. The philosophy is the act of pushing open the door because as the door opens out, you are pushing yourself.  If you pull it back. You give yourself another obstacle.  By pushing in, you are pushing yourself.   A lot of times when people do not try, they decide what they will be afraid of and usually it is the fear of failing.  And Instead of feeling bad about yourselves. Y’NEVANO is feeling celebration about trying.

What I love about Y’NEVANO it is a simple set of mind. It is a natural state of mind. It’s all about Self empowerment and you decide how far you want to take it.

Y’nevano is a user’s manual for happiness. See a write up on Wali in Real Simple Magazine.

Is Text Messaging Funny?  You Decide 

Is Text Messaging Funny? We teamed-up with America’s most loved Comedian and author Wali Collins, to make a series of videos showing just how funny text messaging can be. Today we are releasing video #3: “The Bar”. Check it out. For four weeks, we are releasing a new video each week.  We are asking you to vote on the best video by texting to or posting on our Facebook page. Stay tuned. Help us celebrate Comedy! More on Celebrate Comedy next week!!  – Kalin J.