What is a funny bone?

“Humor results when society says you can’t scratch certain things in public, but they itch in public.”   ~Tom Walsh

Is a funny bone real or is it just an expression someone says when a joke hits them just right?  We happen to know that a funny bone isn’t a bone at all.  Have you ever bumped the middle of your elbow in just the right spot and felt a shock of tingling run up the length of your elbow and register as sudden pain.  It isn’t a bruising sort of pain but it just feels odd like you struck a note at just the wrong chord.  This is how the funny bone got its name because the sensation makes you feel kind of funny.

What you’ve done is hit a nerve called the ulnar nerve.  We happen to know that a funny bone isn’t a bone at all.  The ulnar nerve tells your brain about what you actually feel in your fourth and fifth fingers. It’s a major nerve that helps you to control movement in your hand.

Knocking your funny bone doesn’t cause any damage but it sure feels funny.  People refer to the funny bone when they talk about whether or not someone has a sense of humor.    I think when you are coming up with the next best group test messaging campaign, you have to think about tickling people in their funny bone and not giving them a tingling shock sensation.  You want them to feel good about what you are communicating to them and not wonder what in the world just hit them.  Celebrate Comedy with ProTexting.com

Is Text Messaging Funny?  You Decide

Is Text Messaging Funny? We teamed-up with America’s most loved Comedian, Wali Collins, to make a series of videos showing just how funny text messaging can be.  Check them out on our ProTexting.com Facebook page.   We are asking you to vote on the best video by ‘liking’ that video on our ProTexting.com Facebook page. Stay tuned. Help us celebrate Comedy!

MMS messaging for comedy clubs

– Kalin J.