What Regrettable Names That Parents Gave Their Children

“Humor is just another defense against the universe.”  ~Mel Brooks

Your given name, funny or not, is how you are known professionally and personally to the world.  Names are identities for life.  Nowadays, parents are savvy enough about naming their children to do some research. Many expectant parents have been known to give a potential name for their new born baby a test run on Google to see who else is coming up in the search engines.  A really common last name like a Smith or a Jones might be best paired with an uncommon first and middle name.   Some parents have been clueless about the names they have given to their children and unwittingly made their own offspring the butt of many jokes in school and in the world in general.  I’ve heard stories from people who said their names made them get picked on by bullies in the school yard.  Here are some names that are unforgettable in their silliness:

Girls Names

Boys Names

 Either Gender

  • Nora Bone
  • Rosie Peach
  • Ima Kettle
  • Hazel Nutt
  • Daisy Chain
  • Pearl E. Whites
  • Penny Wise
  • Pat May Weiner
  • Dan Druff
  • Seymour Legg
  • Tim Burr
  • Phil Hole
  • Dwayne Pipe
  • Doug Graves
  • Artie Choke
  • Rick O’Shea
  • Jay Bird
  • Sandy Shaw
  • Rusty Nails
  • Lowden Clear
  • Robin Plunder
  • Dee Zaster
  • Jo King
  • Robyn Banks

The great thing about funny names is that they are memorable.  Would you ever forget a guy named Doug Graves?  Especially if he was a mortician!! If you really don’t like your name, the good news is you can always change it legally or just use a part of your name or even add a new middle name.  With naming the possibilities are endless. So are the many ways you can communicate to your clients and customers in a way that makes them glad they are part of your mobile community. Celebrate Comedy with ProTexting.com!

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– Kalin J.