[UPDATE] Distribution lists, Smart Contacts Import, Keywords Forwarding to Mobile

We’d like to announce several updates on the ProTexting system that will help manage your account even better:

  1. Distribution lists – this new feature will allow you to easily create a sending list with several or all of your groups. If you send group SMS campaigns to the same groups all the time, this feature will save you a lot of timeClick here to see how to setup >>

SMS distribution lists

  1. Smart contacts import from a file, with field matching – a new way to manage your contacts’ data and import more data. With our matching mechanism, you will be able to easily import additional data for your contacts such as emails, DOB, city, state, and any custom field you’d like to have.
  • Just go to your contacts section and click on “Import From File”

Add contacts for messagingMatch contacts for messaging

  1. Keyword Message Forwarding to a mobile number – after several clients’ requests, we added a new feature which will allow you to further customize all forwarding messages. You can setup all inbound messages per keyword to be forwarded to 1 or more mobile phones.
  2. New API Contacts Management method – OptOut – in case you are using our API to manage your contacts, you can easily optout directly via the API. More info here >>

Distribution lists for SMS messaging