How Can Event Management Use the SMS Platform?

Due to our social culture, the event management industry is growing at a fast pace. Along with that, the event specialists are turning to communication platforms and technology to make their job easier and more efficient. EventMB reports from 2019 show that 52.6% of event professionals are turning to event tech more in than the previous year. How can event management use the SMS Platform?

The need for innovative ways of communication has led the event managers to the SMS platform. From marketing the event to organizing the attendees, communication is essentials to carrying out such tasks. Event management companies all over the world are turning to the SMS platform. If you are curious about how you can use it for improving your event management tasks, find the answers in the following lines.


The invites are the very core of increasing the number of attendees. The question that comes up with invites is in which form should they be sent?

Considering that we live in a fast-paced world, always rushing from one place to another, the event managers mostly aim for a digital invite.

While the choice of many managers falls on email invites, SMS invites are more effective.

Let’s just state the fact that there is a 6-8 times higher chance that a person will read and reply to a text message than an email message.

Also, text messages are a more personal way of approaching attendees.


Make the reservation confirmation process easier for your attendees by allowing them to RSVP through the text message.

Sending out an email can take more time and make the attendees more hesitant.

On the other hand, they just need a few seconds to inform you about their attendance in a text message. Let them know that all that they need to do is to respond to a message invite whether they will be attending the event or not.

What is crucial for such two-way communication is to enable two-way messaging on your business phone.

Event Reminders

To ensure that your guests won’t forget about the event, send them a little reminder about the time, place, and potentially any special requirements.

Just create a text message which includes all relevant information and send it out to the attendees.

With all the obligations that people have nowadays, they will grateful that you reminded them about their upcoming event.

Event Updates

You might not have the power over some unexpected situations that affect your event, but you can choose how you will inform the attendees of those changes.

The fastest solution is certainly sending out text messages. It will also raise the chances that the recipient received and read the message. Especially because there is no risk that it will be marked as spam.

If you already opted for SMS invite and SMS RSVP, continuing with the same manner of communication will keep consistency.

Drawings or Contests

Want to attract people’s attention to your event? Then create a drawing or a contest to spice up the game. The winning prize can be an extra invite or a special VIP pass.

Spread this news to your attendees or potential attendees through a text message.

They can enter the contest by sending the specified keyword. It is that simple.

Later you can send blast gratification SMS that will thank them for entering the contest and inform them about when you will announce the winner.

Last Minute Events

Last-minute events are quite popular but the challenging part is to inform the potential attendees in the quickest possible way.

That is when SMS comes to the rescue. Send a blast invite to everyone in just a few minutes.

Considering that people check their phones and text messages regularly, you won’t have to think about whether they received the invite or not.

Organizing Staff Members

How the event will be carried out depends on the staff members. Good organization and fast communication are the essentials for effective staff member performance.

Send SMS blasts to give them important information, inform them of change of plans, or request a status update.

You’ll get all the information spread in no time and receive their responses just as fast. Instant communication will help you to keep the event running smoothly.

Improving Ticket Sales

Your ticket sale isn’t going as well as you expected? Then it is time to take some quick actions to change that.

Offer tickets at a discounted price if someone refers a new client. Sent this proposition through an SMS to gain the recipients’ attention and get them to take action.

The discount coupons can be sent to the attendees through SMS as well.

Event Surveys

Getting feedback on the event from attendees helps event managers to determine what a certain audience likes or dislikes. Obtaining such information helps them with improving their event management skills.

You can organize event surveys through texting. SMS software helps you to create and spread the mobile survey.

If you send the surveys on a most used device that is a mobile phone you are more likely to receive more feedback. 

SMS & MMS Software

Event management requires bulk texting so sending out the messages one by one is not time-efficient.

For that reason, event management companies opt for SMS and MMS software such as ProTexting that enable them mass messaging.

Through mass messaging you’ll need to write only one reminder, one invite, or one informational text message and it will be sent out to every selected person.

There are other benefits of using SMS software such as mobile surveys, text voting, contest entering, QR codes, and many more that come in handy in event management.

Some Final Thoughts

Event managers need to think outside the box if they want to be successful in their branch. SMS platform along with SMS marketing software can be the innovation that you are looking for.

Effective and fast communication will help you spread any type of relevant news from the invitation over event changes to contest information. Don’t hesitate to try out SMS software and see how your communication efficiently changes rapidly.

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