How to Write a Flawless SMS Marketing Strategy for Retail Brands

Some online marketers believe that SMS marketing is obsolete. No one uses SMS text messages to chat anymore – there are many free messaging apps available nowadays. Well, this is where they are wrong. Not only is SMS still widely used, but it’s also a powerful marketing tool that you can leverage as a retail brand.

For the vast majority of people, their phone is their connection to the world. They use it for everything from checking their calendars to sharing funny videos with their friends. According to a study, the average American checks their phone a whopping 96 times a day! Even this number alone is enough to convince you of the potential power of this marketing channel.

However, before you start investing in SMS marketing, it’s recommended that you start by crafting a strategy. This document will not only serve as a guideline on your actions over the months but will also serve as a guidebook for all new members who join your marketing team. Here are some of our tips on how to write a perfect SMS marketing strategy:

Start with S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Every strategy starts with a goal in mind. In other words, a goal is the endpoint of a strategy. Without knowing exactly what it is that you want to achieve, you won’t be able to create a stable strategy. Do you want to directly increase sales or just boost brand awareness? Do you want to reach out to your existing customers or form new relationships?

To create rock-solid goals with a strategy to match, it’s important not only to specify the point of your SMS marketing. You also need to be more precise in terms of how you will get there and why. The easiest way to check all those boxes is to use the S.M.A.R.T. goals model:

  • S – specific
  • M – measurable
  • A – attainable
  • R – relevant
  • T – time-bound

For example, you could expand on the goal of “increasing brand awareness” by saying that you want to “reach 20,000 new users in your local market within 3 months”.

Consult with All Team Members

An SMS marketing strategy is not an isolated activity in the grand scheme of your brand’s total marketing efforts. In other words, it has to be coordinated with other marketing channels and complement them. For example, if you’re running an aggressive social media campaign for your existing customers, you might want to divest SMS into contacting new audiences instead. In other cases, contacting your customers on various platforms is a perfect combination: for example, you can text customers after they abandon a cart in your store.

“Crafting a successful SMS marketing strategy is an all-hands job. You might not use the resources available in your marketing department, but the strategy sure can use input from experienced professionals in other departments. So, try to include the entire marketing team in the process, at least in the beginning stages”, says Martha Cade, a writer at WowGrade.

Hire Professional Writers

If you don’t have team members who are experienced in writing marketing strategies, it might be best that you hand it over to professionals. Don’t think of it as spending money – it’s more about saving time and finishing it more professionally.

If you want to hire professional writers who can craft your SMS marketing strategy at a low price, use some of these services: SupremeDissertations (a writing platform where you can hire experts in digital marketing), Fiverr (a website gathering independent professionals who offer services at cheap prices), Studicus (writing service which you can use for writing marketing strategies).

Set Timelines and Budgets

The next step is to define a clear timeline of hitting your goals. This should be separated into stages. In order to make your strategy as precise and attainable as possible, it should be divided into as many smaller stages as possible. This will give you enough manoeuvring space in case you need to change something along the way.

The same goes with budgets, even though some marketers decide not to include a budget in marketing documentation. The reason is that, in many channels, it can be hard to precisely predict your spending. In SMS marketing, you can pretty much predict and determine how much you’re going to spend down to the cent.

Tweak and Modify According to Real Data

One of the most common misconceptions about marketing strategies is that, once they’re written – they are set in stone. Well, maybe you will not need to alter anything in your strategy (this is the optimal case with no roadblocks or changes during the process).

However, in most cases, your SMS marketing strategy can benefit from tweaks that are a result of data insights. You can use real data from your customers and leverage SMS to provide the ultimate personalized shopping experience.

For example, if you are not achieving the conversion rates you expected, it’s recommended that you sit down and re-think your target audience, messaging or other factors. It’s always better to change something and improve the campaign’s performance than to stick to a losing formula because of “principles”.


SMS marketing is a powerful tool that’s only gaining in relevancy as retail brands expand their presence. With SMS, you can reach customers and potential customers in a personalized, individualized environment – their phones. In this sense, SMS marketing is much more personal than other marketing channels, even when advertising is targeted.

When people receive an SMS message from a brand, it has a much more human touch than a Google ad, for example. So, in order to start using this powerful marketing channel, write a strategy using the tips we have outlined below and witness success!


Estelle Liotard is a professional writer and marketer working with academic writing services TrustMyPaper and GrabMyEssay. In her academic work, she strives to create best essays and help students around the world. She’s interested in the industry of digital marketing, especially AI-powered tools.

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