How to Create Mobile-Friendly Emails in 5 Easy Steps

Building a business is no easy task and a lot of hard work has to go in behind the scenes to get it up and running. For any business to be successful, it needs a well-planned SMS marketing strategy or another form of marketing to get the word out. 

Seeing that most people have smart devices, they tend to view the majority of their emails on their phones. It is, therefore, important to tailor email campaigns to be viewed on cell phones. Here are a couple of handy tips to set yours up. 

Choose your mobile code format wisely

A great number of emails are accessed via mobile phones, which is important to start your email campaign with the right email code. Email code design can be categorized into three main groups, namely, mobile-first, flexible layouts and responsive design. 

Mobile-first is tailored for small screens and ditches readability and design for larger screens. The emails are made for the mobile user and are a great option to consider when you know that most of the business comes in via mobile traffic. Even the links are driven to mobile-friendly sites with this code format. 

Flexible layouts focus more on inclusion and are more suited for brands that are not yet sure where their business is coming from. The great thing about flexible designs is that they look equally good on both mobile and computer screens. Although it is also easier to code, there is the downside of design limitations. 

When you have an email guru on your team, the responsive design is the best option. It is by far the most technical mode of code, but it yields the most impressive results. These emails are designed to change according to the device where it is accessed from. On a mobile screen, the display might be simple, but when opened on a computer, there might be more images and attractions.  

Tinker with the layout

The layout is tricky because all screens differ in size. This is why the rule of thumb is to set your with to 600 pixels. This will allow for the best viewing on most screens. If you want to take it one step further, allow for a minimum width of 300 pixels to accommodate those narrow screens. 

When it comes to paragraphs, one should always use single columns as these are easy to code and easy to read. When you use complex magazine-style columns, the page becomes too complex on a mobile screen and users might miss out on some call-to-action options hidden under one of the columns.

Outlook and Hotmail automatically remove paragraph and margin spacing from code. This means that a neatly spaces email will display distorted. This is why paragraphs and columns should be coded in tables and empty cells make up the white space, which should account for roughly 15 % of the mail. 

Use the right images or make them right

It all depends on what you want to achieve with your images. When you want crisp and clean images, JPG images are the best due to their small size and quick loading times. GIF images are the best for small animations, while PNG images are great for transparency. 

To reduce the loading time of your email, it would be best to cut out the junk from your images. The meta info and color profiles are unnecessary and can be deleted with any number of image editing software packages. 

To make your images display even better, you can code them to adjust according to the screen size. It takes a bit of time to do this for all your images, but the results speak for themselves. You also want to add some code to shrink the images to prevent them from loading beyond the screen of the client. 

Use the stats to get the clicks

When emails enter the inbox of your clients, they tend to skim over the content by viewing the preheaders. These little previews can make or break an email. If the user gets a message saying that the email cannot display properly, it will go straight to the trash folder.

Emails should also not be too lengthy; studies have shown that people are less inclined to read a long email than something short and concise. It could even be beneficial to ditch the images and company logo and place the CTA in the spotlight. 

People are growing more accustomed to skimming, which is why it is best to put the copy in bullet point form, rather than paragraphs. Furthermore, any CTA button or link should be easily clickable. Any button should be designed to be no smaller than 44×44 pixels. This will allow for slopping tapping or swiping to be ignored.  

Make it pretty

Smartphones and colors are enemies and when too bright colors are used. The batteries tend to drain. This is why it is best to use highly contrasting colors to increase readability. Then again, not everyone is a graphic designer, or cannot afford one. 

That is why templates are so valuable. Not only do they provide contrasting and beautiful color arrangements, but they also provide a layout that is already usable. 

Once the design is done, it should be tested. Although it might take a bit of extra time, it is always a good idea to draw up a couple of versions of the same male and test them on different devices and email services. 

Email marketing software allows you to view the emails from the various clients and makes it easy to see where the kinks are.    


Emails for mobile devices do not have to be intimidating. Sure, it is going to be hard work to get everything up and running, but once you get the hang of things, it becomes easier. As you send out more emails, your template library also increases. All you have to do is change the content of the email when the structure is tried and tested. The fact remains that the sooner you get those emails out, the sooner your business will grow. 

Charlie Svensson

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