16 Tips on How to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

16 Tips on How to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Given that nearly two-thirds of America’s population and half that of the world has a smartphone, the mobile phone and its ability to connect users to the internet has irrevocably changed how we do business.

The question is whether you are taking advantage of mobile marketing for your business. Here are 16 tips for you to use when implementing a mobile marketing strategy, from SMS marketing campaigns to website content and beyond.

Let us start with your website:

Revamp your site to accommodate smartphone users

Have you ever tried going onto a company’s site on your cellphone and not being able to see a thing because the print is minute or images do not load correctly? These are examples of businesses that have a website suitable for visitors using a PC and not for smartphone users.

Mobile use is increasing, and ensure you take advantage of the opportunity by investing in your website. Your site menu and contents will load in the correct format for a smartphone user with the correct theme. Speak to your website designer to find out how to optimize your site for PC and mobile visitors.

Ensure your website is navigable

Most users give up on a website when they find it hard to access what they want. Navigability plays a vital role in whether a click converts to a sale, which you aim to achieve. Strip irrelevant elements that slow down the site’s load speed as mobile users are more impatient than those using a PC.

Ensure that menu bars, categories, and the sales process wrap up with as few clicks as possible to eliminate visitor frustration. Keep the company name, logo, slogan, and call to action front and center as this will entrench it in the user’s memory.

Use QR codes

If you want to cut down on how long it takes to process a sale on your website, QR codes might be the answer you have been looking for. QR (quick response) codes store data and transmit it quickly and securely, making them perfect for mobile users on the go.

Your site speed should also improve if you utilize QR codes, as they transmit compressed data. Explore your options on several sites that offer users the chance to create QR codes.

Next, look at other phone features:

Select SMS marketing

While it might seem that smartphones are taking over the world, not everyone has one. Many people still rely on older cellphones that do not have the same features. However, that does not mean you cannot communicate with these potential customers.

To cover all bases, use an SMS marketing campaign, as your messages will reach everyone on your database, regardless of which mobile device they are using. Include a link to your website in the message for those you can visit it from their phone. Those who cannot have the site address to visit from a PC should they have access to one.

Stick to SMS marketing regulations

Text message marketing is regulated to protect companies and consumers alike. Unfortunately, spammers’ use of SMS marketing campaign tactics has made consumers vulnerable to exploitation by fraudsters.

However, similar rules apply to email marketing, meaning that SMS marketing is no more or less regulated than email marketing campaigns. Companies utilize SMS marketing services that allow them to send bulk texts to a pre-programmed database of customers.

Make SMS marketing count

Your SMS marketing tactics should not stop once a message has been broadcast. With the right technology, you can track which recipients opened the message, who ignored it, and whether they visited your website via the text link.

By offering a reply option, you make it possible to get feedback from interested customers right away. This allows you to capitalize on potential clients before they find somewhere else to shop for products and services.

Now it is time to examine the company’s online visibility:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and why it is critical

Your position on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is the difference between being visible online or fading into obscurity. It is not enough to have an engaging, easy-to-use website if potential customers do not know about it.

Optimizing your site for search engines means utilizing keywords in your content that makes algorithms like the one Google uses recognize your business and list it in the SERP. SEO keywords are often based on words people use when they search for something. However, to make the most of this opportunity, let an expert help you find the right ones.

Do not go overboard with SEO

Do not get caught in the SEO trap, which can have the opposite of your planned effect. Search engine algorithms use artificial intelligence that goes far beyond looking for keywords. Therefore, the overuse of keywords, known as stuffing, will not help raise your online visibility.

Instead, use keywords sparingly and organically. Google looks at keyword quality over quantity, making the utilization of keywords that appear naturally inserted in relevant, meaningful content the key to success.

Write awesome text messages for your sms campaigns.

Content is king

Users respond to what you publish on the company website. Therefore, if your content is irrelevant or only sporadically updated, you will lose site traffic. Added to this is that content for a PC-centered website might not grab smartphone users’ attention.

Blogposts and other content have long headlines, which cannot be fully displayed on a mobile screen. Alternatively, the content might be long-winded and not get to the point quickly enough. Bear in mind that mobile users are exactly that: mobile. Most are probably checking their phone quickly between other tasks, so they do not have a lot of time to read your content.

Feature high in local listings

When your company operates in a specific geographical area, such as a city, county, or state, it needs to feature among the top search results when users enter the area’s name or use the phrase ‘near me’ in their search. Google My Business offers the ideal opportunity to achieve this goal.

Google My Business is a free service that allows you to register your company details, contact information, and a link to your website. The service caters to both PC and mobile users, enhancing your online presence.

Digital marketing

A good website encourages visitors to leave their contact details before they leave. This allows you to contact them in the future, even if they did not buy something this time. Ensure that people are willing to leave their contact details by promising to send them a weekly or monthly newsletter or emails giving them early-bird information about upcoming flash sales and other marketing campaigns.

This approach plays into sales psychology and customers’ determination to feel that they got a good deal. Fill your newsletter with engaging content that will make readers want to visit your site.

Social media marketing

Most social media users access their accounts across platforms on mobile phones. Therefore, make the most of this opportunity by creating social media pages that will feature in users’ timelines and newsfeeds.

Post meaningful content, not necessarily driven toward sales, regularly. This should include the effective use of images, infographics, photographs, and videos. The added advantage is that you can add a link to your site in these posts, which builds your credibility with Google’s algorithm.

Utilize mobile adverts

To generate a greater following on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, explore advertising options. These are paid options that boost your presence on your preferred platform.

However, do not rely on paid advertising to get the job done. It only works effectively in conjunction with other strategies, such as SEO, outstanding content, creating backlinks to your website through social media, and a user-friendly website that will seal the deal.

Add that special touch

Organizations are unique, and your approach to marketing should reflect that. Do not assume that what works for one company will work for you. To develop brand loyalty, show potential customers who you are by creating a compelling story behind it.

This should be reflected in your messages, emails, website content, and social media pages. Hire a digital and social media marketing freelancers to help you create the right ‘feel’ in your online presence.

Do not forget, there is an app for that:

Create a mobile app

Many cellphone users favor the use of apps over searching for goods and services. Consider having an app developed to make your company and its goods and services as accessible as possible.

When people visit your website, have a prompt that asks them if they would prefer to download your app. Market your app as a more convenient and efficient way to access your brand.

Finally, keep track of your efforts:

Monitor and evaluate your mobile marketing strategy to determine its success

If you have elected to create and market an app, use real-time tracking analytics to determine its success. This includes finding out how many users have downloaded the app, the average user session duration, the number of user sessions, and in-app revenue generated.

Several tools allow the user to track different aspects of their mobile marketing campaign. For example, you can use the SMS monitoring tools mentioned above. Utilize website speed checkers and tools that allow you to check your website on a smartphone emulator.


Marketing online has become one of any company’s most critical operations. While businesses have to tighten their belts during tough economic times, experts recommend that they do not reduce their online marketing budgets. For many enterprises, this is their only hope of survival, and growing their share of the potential market is more important now than it has been in recent years.

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