SMS Keyword Marketing on Instagram: A Guide

Social media is an incredible development of the last few decades and has overwhelmed the marketing and business sphere almost completely. The world of advertising has completely changed due to the development of social media and its increasing influence on a large portion of the population. Generations coming up in the world will not know how to be influenced by anything but social media, and businesses need to get to grips with that in order to survive into the middle of the 21st century. The biggest sites are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. The amount of people that you are able to reach on social media is solely down to how much money you put into the venture and how skilled you are in using the systems you are advertising on. The great thing about social media marketing is that you can reach a large amount of people for a relatively low price. It provides a great level of return on investment! Let’s talk about SMS Marketing in Instagram.

SMS Keyword Marketing on Instagram

The difference between text message campaigns and URL links:

There are two different and specific ways you can advertise on social media, through Instagram ads with a text message campaign link and through Instagram ads with a URL link. You can also advertise in the comments section of an Instagram post as well. Text message keyword campaigns are naturally more effective than URL links because they involve a call to action that is more direct and effective than just expecting people to click on a URL. 

Keyword campaigns are especially useful because they are memorable and stick in people’s heads. They are also easy for people to use. Ensure that your keyword marketing campaigns are easy for people to remember and that they use them all over your marketing campaigns. This will ensure that they are consistently used and not just a one-off thing. An example of a short and sweet simplistic text message campaign is “Text BOOK7530 to 80345”. This is short and easy to remember, meaning it will stick in people’s heads. This is important because it will make it memorable.

Instagram Advertising:

Instagram as a tool has an innate ability to reach the right people and a large group of people within minutes. The algorithm that exists within Instagram allows the right posts to reach the right people as soon as they start scrolling. Jessica Harris, a marketer at Lia Help, commented that, “The only limitation on your ability to advertise as a business is how much money you are willing to put into the venture. Instagram advertising is paid per click, so you will only pay for the advertising that actually leads to people going to your website, interacting with your content, and taking in your advertising.” This is much more effective than putting up a billboard and hoping that people will look up and take in the information. It is important to remember to put the keyword campaign in your paid Instagram advertising to ensure its efficacy. Every paid Instagram post that you put up should include (or even better, focus on) the keyword marketing campaign that your business is using to promote itself.

The great thing about Instagram is that you do not need to pay to have an Instagram account. The whole principle of having an account is that it is free. So, for example, if you do not have the money or means to pay for paid advertising, you can advertise in the comments section of a post or using the caption. This costs no money. This is a creative way to advertise on social media without actually spending any money. Remember to put your keyword marketing campaign in the comments if you choose to use this methodology.

Instagram Text messaging
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Always think about the customer:

The whole principle of Instagram marketing is that it revolves around convenience for and accessibility to the customer. As a business you are moulding your marketing venture around a service that your consumer base already uses on a daily basis. This is built around convenience for the customer. Customers will subconsciously appreciate this effort to mould your business around them and be much more likely to interact with your marketing. Social media marketing is a necessity for businesses in this day and age. If your business refuses to adjust to the times and get involved in SMS marketing and comment section marketing on social media, it is likely that the influence and popularity of the business will fizzle out. SMS marketing is a great way to engage the customer base and bring the relationship outside of simply a social media interaction.

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