How To Run A Winning SMS Marketing Campaign

Currently, according to Text Magic (2021), approximately 65% of the world’s current population can send and receive SMS or short message service messages. Such statistics shed light on the fact that not everyone may have a smartphone with an internet connection but 5 billion people strongly rely on the power of the now traditional, but still indisputable, mode of communication. Because of this much traction, SMS became a dependable channel trusted by both small businesses and even big corporations for their marketing campaigns. SMS Global (2021) suggests that SMS has become one of the most effective platforms as open rates are observed at an all-time high, 98%. Certainly, such a channel forges high conversion which is significantly beneficial not only in boosting any company’s other channels but also in achieving overall marketing campaign success. Learn How To Run A Winning SMS Marketing Campaign in this article!

Additionally, because of the convenience and wide audience reach, it is no doubt that text messaging has a bigger chance of penetrating the purchasing market and get a campaign’s message across than through other channels such as email, social media, or mobile applications. While everyone has nearly formed a habit of keeping their hands closed with their phone and the urgency to rapidly respond after a phone gives a notification, a large audience, particularly those targeted by your campaigns, will relatively find it easy to scan through your message and consequently communicate with.

How To Run A Winning SMS Marketing Campaign

However, the strengths of SMS can only be of great advantage when you meticulously craft an effective marketing strategy. Here are a few reliable tips that you can consider:

  1. Incentives are foolproof.

Point of Sale (2020) revealed that sending coupons in the form of an SMS marketing promotion is higher in redemption rates compared to via email. Client surveys indicate that eighty-five percent of consumers redeem an SMS coupon within a week of their receipt. Both potential and old customers are easily tempted with over-the-text coupons. For one, it can be taken as if the coupon is uniquely sent to them and that they are part of a special circle. Two, they can be encouraged to already decide on making a repeat purchase even before the first is made.

  1. Text messages should not be an eye-sore.

With a limited number of characters allowed per message, you must choose your words selectively so that your recipients will not have a hard time reading and remembering. Besides, text messages are meant to be short and sweet.

  1. Maximize messages with clickable links.

In this digital age when it is always as if there is so much share, a 160-character limit may not seem enough and this can pose a challenge especially when you have a long list of good news that your readers might be interested in. Lean onto clickable links. Bitly helps in shortening links which you can use in your SMS and emails so you do not have to worry about character flooding. Include links that redirect them to the bigger picture or what millennials call as deets of your message.

  1. Indicate a call to action and make it urgent.

Like your previous campaigns, words, and phrases like “try”, “off”, “grab”, “add to cart”, and “discounts” are all eye candies to your recipients. Following that with words like “now”, “immediately” and “limited stocks” can create a sense of urgency and make them respond to your message as quickly as they can.

  1. Make them respond through a question.

Logically, consumers would not respond without asking them about something. This technique is called subliminal messaging. You want to indirectly educate them about your product or service without harassing them with a long message. Poll questions and opinion-eliciting questions work so you can be guaranteed a response. Consumer engagement is key in conversion and one way to do that is to make them answer, literally.

  1. Consider the primetime.

There is a reason why advertisements on television are higher in price and more viewership-effective during lunchtime and dinner. This is because most people’s eyes are glued to their television screens on what is called primetime. Follow the same principle with your send-outs, give your messages the green light on times they are not likely to be busy. It could be during lunch breaks or after work but never after 9 pm and before 7 am.

  1. Orchestrate the uniqueness of the message.

Personalizing your SMS may mean more to them as in our human nature, everything named for us always gets quite most of our attention. When you take the time and effort in including their names in your message, they will in return open that message and think it was specifically tailored for them. Such a move can also foster an exclusive vibe that consumers love. When the message is addressed to the public in general, then the consumer might find it less appealing to open and read.

  1. Amplify your other campaigns through SMS marketing.

The best part about SMS’ limited text is that it can be your instant platform in reaching your community. In other words, you can immediately inform them about something you want them to know of or participate in. For example, in liking your social media page, asking them to share your posts, informing them about a contest, inviting them to your newly produced virtual event, or simply encouraging them to visit your revamped website — these announcements do not have to be lengthy and must be at their disposal right away.

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