Pros versus Cons in SMS Marketing Campaigns

The reasons why SMS marketing campaigns still continue to exist and thrive despite the emergence of other marketing channels remain to be true and incomparable. Big corporations may have taken off but they did not withdraw their efforts for SMS marketing. This is because SMS marketing still waves its flag of glory for being a convenient, reliable, and effective marketing channel. What is not to like about it? It has more pros than cons in the record. Here are some:

Pros versus Cons in SMS Marketing Campaigns
  1. Direct and straightforward

Nothing beats the conciseness and all-inclusiveness of SMS marketing. Let alone its limit of 160 characters per text message, marketers must strategically parse and practice brevity in crafting their content. Being direct and straightforward is crucial in this kind of campaign as too long a message might drive prospective customers away and lose interest. Short and simple messages are preferred especially by those who are always on the go and have their phones handy.

2. Fast delivery and good conversion rates

With an average readability rate of 97% fifteen minutes after every delivery, SMS marketing serves as one of the most immediate and highly effective channels to campaign a message. Forty-five percent of SMS marketing campaigns contribute to ROI success. It even reaches fifty percent when it is interrelated with other marketing channels.

3. Acquaints you with customers

Through surveying using SMS, you can derive useful insights and feedback directly from your customer’s perspective. In SmartInsights (2020), it was revealed that 31% of customers immediately responds to a survey via SMS in just over 5 minutes. With a fast turnaround time for results, you will be able to have a data pool for you to consider in your next decision-making process.

4. Backs up your other campaigns

Often, SMS marketing may stand as an ad effort alone. It becomes more effective when you integrate your other marketing strategies into the mix so that your customers can connect not only with your message but also your brand, improving your engagement. Perhaps you can walk them through where your other social media platforms are, or simply remind them you have sent them an email for a “circle only” offer. There are many ways to make SMS marketing campaigns be the wick of your marketing efforts.

5. Boosts customer engagement

Such a marketing campaign also serves as a platform for you to interact with your customers. Shower them with useful and valuable information and content. Make them feel excited about what to expect from your brand and the further developments you are cooking. In SMS marketing, it is always easy to make your customers feel elated with news as their mobile phones are valuable to them. Unlike emails where your messages are conceived as pure business, a text message ends up in the roster of inbox messages where their loved ones share the same space too.

6. Cost-effective

Certainly, this is one of the most appealing and resounding benefits of this campaign type. Compared to availing of a radio spot, a Facebook ad placement, or an Instagram sponsored post, SMS marketing is significantly more affordable making it the smart choice, especially for start-up and growing businesses.

7. Accurate and measurable

Because you can systematically deliver messages through a platform, you can definitely monitor engagements and delivery rates. Business analytics can help in evaluating and improving your marketing campaigns through a database. Combining this with other techniques like market research, market profiling, and segmentation, you can optimize your SMS marketing campaign.

8. Fully customizable

In today’s marketing tactics, many focus on personalizing the customer experience so that it can be a unique experience for everyone. Such a tactic can also be done in SMS marketing. Because it is fully customizable, you can interplay text messages and their elements for different groups of recipients. Send out a link for a coupon that has a corresponding discount for a regular customer and another for a new customer, respectively.  Greet each one on their birthday or say your regards to all the women in your roster on International Women’s day. It is a versatile tool that can guarantee traction and readership that is customer-centric.

Pros versus Cons in SMS Marketing Campaigns

9. Time-efficient

Compared to other marketing strategies where there grueling tasks of producing, printing, editing, and curing are required before a big show, SMS marketing only asks you to tailor a short but succinct message and press the “deliver” or “send” button. This particular message can reach hundreds to thousands of heads at the same time and before the sun even comes down, you can already sit idly with a turn-out report on hand.

10. Mobile-friendly

The potential of most marketing campaigns’ success lies in their compatibility with mobile requirements. If you want to build credibility with your customers, you must supply them with mobile-friendly content. Mobile phones have become a necessary part of one’s conduct of life and it is imperative that your content fits the screen and can be easily read at a glance. Content that is mobile-friendly is one that is more shareable and in disseminating information, sharing is important.

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