How To Integrate Data Transformation in SMS Marketing

In the age of limitless data and information, integrating data transformation into processes and procedures is not just an advantage, it is an essential part of it all. Right now, data is what powers industry leaders and companies that have made a name for themselves. It’s what keeps them at the top.  

Data is what drives growth. With data and analytics that are easily comprehensible and accessible, you can effortlessly refine and transform your SMS marketing. The information that you’ve gathered through data transformation will aid in changing how you communicate with your audience so you can nurture better connections with them, further improving your reputation and maximizing your revenue. It will also help in streamlining your communication process, providing immediacy whenever your customers need it.

Read on to find out the X ways you can integrate data transformation in your SMS marketing campaigns.

Data Transformation in SMS Marketing

Real-Time Data For Maximum Efficiency

Not only is SMS marketing convenient, but it’s also pretty fast-paced compared to other marketing efforts. That’s why real-time updates about whether or not your strategies are working are invaluable. When you have data within easy reach, you can easily figure out what efforts you can continue with or halt entirely. You can then pivot to a better and more data-based approach to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

When you integrate data transformation into your SMS campaigns, you can identify and analyze trends across all of your messages easily. From there, you can strategize new and improved ways to go about your communications.

Setting Clear Baselines For Personalized Communication

Real-time data can be a little cluttered—this is where digital transformation comes in. More than ever, customers are demanding personalization. Sending messages relevant to your customers ensures that your click-through and conversion rates remain high.

It’s not enough to personalize your customer’s content with their name. It’s crucial for your campaign to have a specific target, whether that’s by their industry, behavior-based segments, or their role within a company.

Once you’ve gathered all your data for your SMS campaign, digital transformation can aid you in separating them into manageable clusters. Furthermore, ensure that your baseline population contains your customers’ preferences, well-known activities, demographic information, and information related to the use of their smartphones.

Automated Communication for Improved Customer Service

With too many customers and numerous touch points to keep in mind, automation is needed to create a process that is seamless for both you and your customers. An automated communication process can help you engage with your recipients at the perfect time without having to sacrifice your sales team’s resources.

With an automated system based on the data that’s already there, you can easily send messages based on your customer’s behavior. This will help you send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Messaging automation will then enable you and your team to send relevant and useful messages such as appointment or schedule reminders, order confirmations, invoice notifications, form fulfillment follow-ups, and personalized marketing messages targeted specifically to the demographic you are trying to reach.

Extensive Analytics For Increased Engagement

With a comprehensive analysis of your campaigns’ data, you have an overview of the customer journey and the touch points that need support. This will give you a better understanding of where your customers drop off or re-enter their buyer journey, helping you figure out where to increase engagement and strengthen communications.

With data transformation, you will have an insight into the messages that prompted your highest or lowest conversion rates and why these communications were effective or ineffective. You can then leverage this performance analysis to understand where your customers will likely engage with the message or ignore it completely throughout their journey.

Take into consideration, however, that what works for one person might at all not apply to another. You wouldn’t have to guess if you have sufficient data to back you. Segmenting your audience is important so that you can tailor your communications to their specific needs or unique preferences.

Integrate Data Transformation in Text Messaging
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Smart A/B Testing For Creating Successful Strategies

To further optimize the success of your SMS marketing campaigns, utilize data transformation alongside A/B testing. Go through all of the communications you have sent to your customers for your campaign and look for ones with click-through or conversion rates that are significantly lower than the goals you’ve laid out for them. After which, consider what can be improved.

Maybe the copy isn’t as compelling or personalized as you thought or maybe the message will be more enticing and engaging if you end it with a stronger call-to-action or an image relevant to the text. A/B test these two variations to determine which one resonates with your audience more.

Once you get the results and have finally obtained your winning message, you can adapt this to your current campaigns to further drive engagement and conversion. What’s great about this is that you can use the data from these A/B tests to help you create better and stronger strategies for your future campaigns. 

Much like most marketing channels, SMS campaigns grow over time. With data transformation and analytics, however, you’re always one step ahead as you can automate and create winning strategies and solutions that will optimize your entire campaign.

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