Why SMS is so effective at Promoting action

SMS, or short message service, is a common feature on cellular phones for many people all around the world. Marketing professionals have recognized this and taken advantage of SMS’ popularity by using it as an effective marketing tool. SMS has proven to be more effective than email at promoting action.

That even best explains why savvy marketers inquiring Careersbooster service prefer having use of SMS marketing included in their technical experience. This method of communication is different from other forms in that the receiver’s address is now limited to one mobile phone number rather than several email addresses.

Why SMS is so effective at Promoting action

Also, unlike emails that may be quickly deleted, ignored, or even thrown out if the content is irrelevant to the recipient, SMS messages are more likely to be read. SMS also have a whopping 98 percent open rate compared to emails which have only 20 percent open rates.

The following reasons provide insight as to why SMS is a valuable marketing tool:

1. SMS makes an Offer easy and Simple

According to Résumés Planet, customers who may greatly benefit from your services may not know how or where to find you. When SMS promotion is introduced, they will now have the option to simply reply with their location, and requested offers will be sent back automatically. In return, customers can’t help but be exposed to valuable promotional offers as well as the business that sent the offer.

2. SMS builds a Relationship with Customers

A database can easily be built by creating a desired list of customer phone numbers after they have responded to an offer. The more offers that are sent out, the more likely their contact information will remain in your database and increase the chance for future sales. Sending a text promotion is a simple way to break through the marketing clutter. It’s also very cost-effective because it allows you to quickly determine whether or not your message was received and opened. As long as there is a signal, both parties can take part in this form of communication.

3. SMS is Direct and Personal

Customers will see your number as coming directly from you rather than an unknown sender, increasing the chance for future sales. Sending SMS messages has also proven to be more effective than sending an email because it is limited to one mobile phone number instead of several email addresses.

4. SMS Encourages Consumers to Act Quickly

With text messaging, there’s no time wasted on developing witty subject lines or catchy headlines; you’re not given much space to convey your message. Being brief can often work in your favor by encouraging customers to read your message and respond immediately.

5. SMS can be Personal

Since SMS is direct and personal, it often feels more like a conversation than a one-way transmission of information. This intimate feeling encourages customers to respond more frequently and also allows businesses to gather valuable feedback.

In short, text messaging has quickly become one of the most popular methods of communication, and businesses would be ignorant not to take advantage of its marketing potential. By using SMS, you can easily and directly reach out to customers, build relationships, encourage action and gather feedback.

How to Leverage the Power of Text Messages for Your Business

Text message marketing can be an important tool in your business’ communication arsenal. With mobile phone usage increasing at a rapid pace and the majority of mobile subscribers preferring to receive SMS offers, this is an effective way to reach your audience. There are various ways that you can leverage this powerful one-to-one marketing channel:

· Regularly send out SMS promotions

Regularly sending out text message advertising will improve brand awareness as well as build customer loyalty. Your customers now have the option to choose when they wish to listen, which makes it easier than ever to maintain open communication with them. As stated earlier, SMS promotion has been proven more effective than email.

· Encourage feedback and offer incentives for doing so

By encouraging customer feedback, you will be able to learn more about them and increase sales. Offering incentives is an effective way to encourage customers to provide their valuable opinions. Many companies offer gift certificates or discount coupons to complete a survey produced through SMS promotion.

· Use text promotions as reminders

SMS messages can also be used as simple reminders. Customers may choose not to buy for one reason but not the other; if this happens, send out a follow-up text message with an offer that speaks directly to their problem. You can even use marketing surveys sent through SMS messages to see precisely which offers would work best for certain groups of consumers. Other examples of using text message reminders include sending out birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions to customers.

· Learn more about your customers

By collecting data through surveys, you can learn more about your target market and what they want from your product or service. Not only will this help with marketing efforts, it will allow you to create better products as well as position yourself as a company that cares for its customers. It works the same as loyalty programs; those who take part in SMS promotions are always at an advantage over those who don’t, so their participation is almost guaranteed.

· Make use of clear Call to Actions

It’s important to make it clear exactly what customers need to do when responding through text. If you want them to provide feedback, state that clearly in your promotion. If you’re offering a discount, let them know the specific offer and how much it is for. When customers respond, make sure they know what happens next so that no time or resources are wasted on either party.

· Offer location-based marketing

Studies have shown that people spend a majority of their time within a few miles of where they live, which means they will likely visit the same places frequently. Since most mobile phones come equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, it’s possible not only to track someone’s location but also send special offers based on where they are. This can especially be useful for restaurants and other retail stores that want to attract customers during times when business is slow.

· Integrate with social media

Many companies are now using text message marketing in conjunction with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is a great way to keep customers updated on the latest happenings with your company while also providing them with exclusive content that can’t be found on your website. Additionally, it allows customers to easily connect with you through their favorite social networking site.

SMS marketing effective at Promoting action

The Bottom Line

There are many benefits to using text message marketing, but there are also disadvantages that companies should be aware of. The first thing you need to understand is that SMS promotions are not the same as email promotions. They only work if consumers know they exist and actually take time to participate by responding accordingly. This means your advertising campaign needs to make customers aware of what’s going on.

Lastly, it’s important for businesses to keep in mind that their primary goal is to solve customer problems; this happens through providing great products and services while also communicating effectively with them. If done correctly, SMS competitions can help increase sales dramatically while allowing you to provide superior service at the same time.

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