What Is Beta Testing, And Can You Use It In SMS Marketing?

Beta testing in SMS Marketing

Beta Testing in SMS Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

Ready-made software applications are almost always released with bugs in them. The ability to identify and fix those bugs is a huge advantage for any software developer. But the only way to identify them is by having a select group of end-users run the product through various paces and giving feedback to developers. That’s where beta testing comes in, but many companies have yet to embrace the concept of beta testing.

What Is Beta Testing?

Beta testing refers to an advanced form of user testing where key members of an organization (for instance, customers or clients) can test a product early in its lifecycle against specific criteria that are then used for deciding whether the product should be released. As a result, beta testing enables companies to cut costs and improve the overall quality of their software products.

Why Is Beta Testing Beneficial? 

Multiple software products are released each year, and in a rush to get their product out the door, many companies make significant mistakes that cost them a great deal of money. However, when these mistakes are caught in beta testing, the software can be fixed and launched on an earlier date. In addition, beta testing offers the following benefits:

Reduced Costs

The only way to ensure that a product is ready for consumer release is to put it through its paces in the market and compare it against similar products. Beta testing enables companies to identify bugs and other problems that would otherwise be discovered only when the product is released into the wild, where end users are free to use it in various situations.

Increased Quality 

Beta testing is performed by end-users, who are likely to employ the product in actual situations for which it was not designed. This helps developers identify bugs and issues that might not have occurred under ideal conditions.

If a product is released without being tested by actual users, bugs or errors might go unnoticed until the actual release, when it is too late. So while beta testing doesn’t guarantee that a product will be released without issues, it reduces the risk of releasing faulty software.

Unbiased Feedback 

Beta testing is performed by end-users, who are in many ways more conscientious and more likely to provide an accurate representation of the product’s strengths and weaknesses than a team of developers.

It involves trusted employees and clients who provide their feedback on the product. If they say the product isn’t ready for release, the company will likely listen to them since they provide feedback based on experience. Companies that hold back products due to beta test results will not lose money or business because of angry customers who have purchased faulty products.

Beta testing in text messaging

Improves Existing Products

Beta testing allows companies to fix existing products to be more competitive. Companies will know what features customers want and need, what features customers don’t care about, and how to provide better service before releasing a new product.

How to Create a Beta Program for Your SMS Marketing Campaign

There are several ways to create a beta program for your SMS marketing campaign. You can choose a small number of clients or customers to test the beta version of your SMS marketing campaign and gather their feedback. You can meet with a select group of your clients and review their SMS marketing campaign preferences, such as:

  • The type of messages they want to receive
  • The number of times they receive messages
  • Appropriate times they wish to receive messages
  • Related links to send

The client can then be asked to try out the beta version of the SMS marketing campaign. Users will then be able to provide feedback on how the campaign functions under real-life conditions. Be sure to ask them what they like and, if so, what they like about it. If they didn’t want their experience, find out what was problematic. You may also wish to include a survey that lets your client rate different aspects of your SMS marketing campaign.

Can Beta Testing be Used in SMS Marketing?

The main goal of beta testing is to identify key problems with a product and then fix those problems before releasing the software onto the market. But you can apply this concept to your SMS marketing campaign. For example, you can create a beta version of your SMS marketing campaign to test with a small number of your users and then use their feedback to find and fix problems.

By identifying key problems with an existing product and fixing them before releasing the product, marketers can create better software that is more likely to be accepted by customers.


Beta testing is a valuable tool for improving the quality of software products and identifying development issues early in the product lifecycle. It can also be beneficial for an SMS marketing campaign since it can give you insights into how your audience will respond to your messages and how they’re likely to respond to future messages. By conducting a beta test, you can make key improvements based on your audience’s feedback. If you liked this article about beta testing and SMS marketing, check out our blogs for more related content!

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