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How to use text message marketing for fashion brands

Text Message Marketing Communication and Fashion! It is must have in today’s dynamic marketing world!

Table of content:

  1. Examples of how to use text message marketing for fashion campaigns.
  2. 15 Fashion Companies using Text Marketing and Getting 10X ROI Success Rate
  3. In Conclusion

SMS marketing can be an effective strategy for promoting a fashion brand or business. It allows you to directly engage with your audience and keep them informed about your latest products, promotions, and updates. Here are some steps and tips for implementing SMS marketing for a fashion brand:

  1. Build a Subscribers List: Obtain consent from your customers to receive SMS updates. This can be done through sign-up forms on your website, during the checkout process, or through other marketing materials.
  2. Segmentation: Divide your subscriber list into segments based on factors such as preferences, purchase history, location, and engagement level. This allows you to send targeted and relevant messages to specific groups.
  3. Personalization: Personalize your messages with the subscriber’s name and tailor the content to their preferences whenever possible. This increases the likelihood of engagement.
  4. Clear Call-to-Action (CTA): Each SMS should have a clear and actionable message. Whether it’s promoting a sale, showcasing a new collection, or offering an exclusive discount, make sure the recipient knows what action to take.
  5. Concise and Compelling Content: SMS messages have a character limit, so keep your messages short, engaging, and to the point. Use persuasive language that grabs the recipient’s attention.
  6. Exclusive Offers: Provide exclusive discounts or promotions to your SMS subscribers. This gives them a reason to stay subscribed and engaged.
  7. Timing: Send messages at appropriate times to avoid inconveniencing your subscribers. Consider time zones and the typical schedule of your target audience.
  8. Frequency: Be mindful of how often you send messages. Too many messages can lead to subscribers opting out. Strike a balance between staying in touch and avoiding spam.
  9. Visual Content: While SMS is primarily text-based, you can occasionally include links to images or videos, hosted on your website or other platforms, to showcase your fashion products.
  10. Compliance: Make sure to follow SMS marketing regulations and obtain explicit consent from subscribers. Include clear instructions for opting out of messages.
  11. Integration with Other Channels: Integrate your SMS marketing with your overall marketing strategy. For instance, you can cross-promote your SMS subscription on social media and email newsletters.
  12. Feedback and Surveys: Use SMS to gather feedback from your customers about their preferences, experiences, and suggestions. This can help you tailor your offerings to better suit their needs.
  13. Automated Campaigns: Set up automated SMS campaigns triggered by specific actions, such as abandoned carts or birthdays. This adds a personalized touch to your interactions.
  14. Measurement and Analysis: Monitor the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns by tracking metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Use this data to refine your strategy over time.

Remember that while SMS marketing can be powerful, it’s important to respect your subscribers’ preferences and privacy. If executed well, SMS marketing can be a valuable tool for building brand loyalty, driving sales, and keeping your fashion audience engaged and informed.

fashion sms marketing

Here are some examples of how you can use text message marketing for fashion campaigns:

    1. Product Launch Announcement: “🌟 Exciting News! 🌟 Our new Fall Collection just dropped! Get first dibs on the latest trends – visit our website now: [link]”
    2. Flash Sale Alert: “🔥 24-Hour Flash Sale! 🔥 Enjoy 30% off all denim styles today only. Use code: DENIM30 at checkout. Shop now: [link]”
    3. Exclusive Discount for Subscribers: “🎉 Exclusive for you! Enjoy 20% off your next purchase. Show this text in-store or use code: SMS20 online. Valid until [expiration date].”
    4. New Arrivals Sneak Peek: “👀 Sneak Peek Alert! 👀 Check out our Instagram for a preview of our upcoming Spring Collection. Stay tuned for the launch!”
    5. Abandoned Cart Reminder: “🛒 Forgot something? Complete your purchase and enjoy free shipping on your abandoned items. Click here: [link]”
    6. Event Invitation: “🎉 You’re Invited! Join us for our Fashion Gala on [date] at [location]. RSVP to secure your spot!”
    7. Customer Loyalty Reward:“🎁 Thanks for being a loyal customer! Enjoy a $10 gift card on us. Show this text in-store or use code: THANKYOU10 online.”
    8. Holiday or Seasonal Campaign: “☃️ Winter Warm-up Sale! ☃️ Cozy up with 25% off all sweaters this weekend. Use code: WINTER25. Shop now: [link]”
    9. Fashion Tips and Trends: “👗 Style Tip: Layer your favorite summer dress with a chic jacket for a trendy fall look. Find jackets in-store or online!”
    10. VIP Early Access: “🌟 VIP Alert: Enjoy early access to our Summer Sale! Shop now before it opens to the public. Use code: VIPSUMMER. [link]”
    11. Referral Program Promotion: “💌 Spread the love! Refer a friend and you both get 15% off your next purchase. Share your unique link: [link]”
    12. Feedback and Review Request: “🤔 We value your opinion! How was your recent shopping experience with us? Reply with a rating (1-5) and any comments.”
    13. Limited Stock Warning: “⚠️ Hurry, only a few left! Our best-selling handbag is almost sold out. Grab yours before it’s gone: [link]”
    14. VIP Membership Invitation: “👑 Unlock VIP perks! Join our exclusive membership for early access, special discounts, and more. Learn more: [link]”
    15. Birthday Special Offer: “🎂 Happy Birthday! Celebrate with 10% off your next purchase. Use code: BDAY10. Valid throughout your birthday month.”

texting fashion marketing

Remember to keep your messages concise, engaging, and relevant to your audience. Include clear CTAs and provide value to your subscribers in each message. Also, ensure that you have obtained proper consent to send these messages and offer an easy way for subscribers to opt out if they wish.

    1. ASOS: ASOS, an online fashion and beauty retailer, has used SMS marketing for promotions, flash sales, and order updates.
    2. H&M: H&M has utilized SMS marketing to notify customers about new collections, discounts, and in-store events.
    3. Zara: Zara, a global fashion retailer, has employed text messaging to keep customers informed about new arrivals and limited-time offers.
    4. Gap: Gap has used SMS marketing to engage customers with exclusive discounts and early access to sales.
    5. Express: Express, a clothing and accessories retailer, has employed SMS for promotions, order updates, and loyalty program communication.
    6. Nordstrom: Nordstrom has used text messages to notify customers about upcoming sales events and special promotions.
    7. Victoria’s Secret: Victoria’s Secret has utilized SMS marketing for announcing new product launches and sending exclusive offers to subscribers.
    8. Forever 21: Forever 21 has used text messages for announcing sales and promotions, often with time-sensitive incentives.
    9. Adidas: Adidas has employed SMS marketing to engage customers with product launches and exclusive offers.
    10. Nike: Nike has used text messaging to notify customers about new shoe releases, sports events, and promotions.
    11. Urban Outfitters: Urban Outfitters has employed SMS for announcing discounts, sales, and in-store events.
    12. Macy’s: Macy’s has utilized text messages for sending out promotional codes and discounts to customers.
    13. Sephora: Sephora has used SMS marketing for promoting new beauty products, special offers, and loyalty program updates.
    14. American Eagle Outfitters: American Eagle has employed SMS for promotions, order status updates, and loyalty program communication.
    15. Bloomingdale’s: Bloomingdale’s has used text messages to notify customers about sales, special events, and exclusive offers.
      Please note that the effectiveness of SMS marketing can vary from company to company and over time. Achieving a 10X ROI depends on various factors, including the quality of the subscriber list, the timing and relevance of messages, and the overall marketing strategy. Companies often conduct A/B testing and closely monitor campaign performance to optimize their SMS marketing efforts.

Fashion companies should use text message marketing by building a consent-based subscriber list, segmenting their audience, personalizing content, offering value through exclusive promotions and tips, scheduling messages strategically, ensuring compliance, analyzing performance data, integrating SMS with other marketing channels, providing excellent customer service, and staying mobile-friendly and respectful of privacy preferences. This approach can enhance customer engagement, boost sales, and build brand loyalty effectively.  Checkout a cool YouTube video by ProTexing and the Fashion industry.

Leveraging AI in SMS Marketing: Tips to Find and Hire Skilled Software Developers

The technological landscape is ever-changing, buzzing with innovations and solutions that redefine how businesses operate. One such innovation that has created ripples across industries is Artificial Intelligence (AI). This powerful technology has found its application in an interesting domain: SMS marketing

Learn how to take advantage of AI in SMS marketing, as well as how to find skilled software developers for your business.


The Power of AI in SMS Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t merely another industry catchphrase; it is a potent tool reshaping the way marketers interact with their customers. In the world of SMS marketing, AI has several significant benefits that make it an indispensable asset.

Highly Personalized Messaging

One of the most significant advantages of AI in SMS marketing is the ability to deliver highly personalized messages. AI analyzes these data points to create a comprehensive customer profile, which it then uses to generate targeted messages. 

For example, if a customer frequently purchases beauty products, the AI system can send them updates on the latest cosmetic trends or deals. The result? Customers receive messages that are genuinely relevant to them, making them feel valued and increasing their likelihood to engage with the brand.

Predictive Analysis for Future Behavior

Another powerful capability of AI is predictive analysis. AI systems can sift through large amounts of customer data, recognize patterns, and use them to predict future behavior. By understanding what a customer is likely to do next, businesses can proactively tailor their SMS marketing campaigns.

For instance, if a customer has a pattern of purchasing winter wear in the fall, the AI system can anticipate this behavior and send a timely SMS offering discounts on winter clothing. 

Enhanced Customer Engagement through Timely Communication

AI also shines when it comes to improving customer engagement through timely communication. Unlike traditional SMS marketing systems that send messages based on set schedules, AI-powered systems can send messages at times when the customer is most likely to be responsive.

This capability is based on an analysis of the customer’s interaction with the brand. AI determines when the customer is usually most active or responsive and schedules SMS messages accordingly. This ensures that messages aren’t ignored or missed, leading to higher engagement rates and improved customer relationships.

Role of Skilled Software Developers in AI and SMS Marketing

When businesses successfully leverage AI in SMS marketing, it leads to remarkable improvements in efficiency, customer engagement, and revenue generation. However, achieving this feat isn’t as simple as flicking a switch. It requires the expertise of skilled software developers.

Developers proficient in AI technologies possess a solid foundation in machine learning and data analysis, among other technical skills. These abilities enable them to build, test, and refine AI-powered mobile marketing software that streamlines processes, resulting in more efficient and effective campaigns.

However, the responsibilities of software developers aren’t limited to technical expertise alone. Soft skills like problem-solving, communication, and creativity are equally essential. These skills help them to effectively apply AI technologies according to a business’s specific needs and goals. It’s not just about getting the technology to work; it’s about finding innovative ways to deploy this technology to address unique business challenges.

Finding the Right Software Developers

The key to successful AI implementation in SMS marketing is sourcing software developers who have the requisite technical skills along with the necessary soft skills. There are several channels through which businesses can find these professionals.

Online Sourcing and Networking

Online job boards and professional networking sites like LinkedIn are often excellent places to start. They give you access to a vast pool of potential candidates, allowing you to filter based on skills and experience.

Tech Events and Personal Referrals

Tech events, such as hackathons, and personal and professional referrals also offer excellent sources for finding skilled software developers.

The Selection Process

Once you’ve identified potential candidates, it’s important to look for those who not only possess the required technical skills but also have the right level of experience with AI and SMS marketing. Also, ensure the candidates are a cultural fit for your organization, which often enhances teamwork and productivity.

Hiring Software Developers

Once you’ve sourced potential candidates, it’s time to begin the hiring process.

Crafting the Job Description

Start by crafting a detailed job description that outlines the specific skills and experience you’re looking for. This step is essential to attract the right talent.

Screening and Assessing Skills

Next, employ technical screening methods, such as coding tests or machine learning assignments, to gauge their abilities and practical knowledge.

The Interview Process

The interview process is also crucial. Here, you get to assess their problem-solving skills, communication abilities, and cultural fit. It gives you an opportunity to understand the candidate beyond their CV.


After the interview, weigh the candidate’s skills, experience, and potential before making a decision. The right balance of these aspects often leads to a successful hire.

Retaining Skilled Software Developers

Finding and hiring the right software developers is a significant feat, but the journey doesn’t end there. Once these talented professionals join your team, it’s critical to retain them. Retention not only ensures the smooth execution of your AI-powered SMS marketing strategies but also contributes to a stable and thriving work environment.

Nurturing an Engaging Work Environment

Creating an engaging work environment is the first step toward retention. A positive, supportive, and inclusive culture makes employees feel valued and part of a community. Encourage collaboration and innovation, and foster an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas and contributing to decision-making processes. This not only keeps your developers motivated but also leads to more creative and efficient solutions.

Providing Opportunities for Growth and Development

Skilled software developers are often driven by the desire to learn and grow. Ensure that your organization provides opportunities for continuous learning and professional development. This can take the form of training sessions, workshops, conferences, or even providing access to online courses in the latest technologies. Such initiatives show that you’re invested in their career growth, thereby increasing their loyalty toward the company.

Recognizing and Rewarding Efforts

Recognize and reward your developers’ efforts regularly. This recognition can come in many forms, including verbal acknowledgment, awards, bonuses, or promotions. This not only validates their work but also boosts their motivation and job satisfaction.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Last but not least, competitive compensation and benefits are vital for employee retention. Ensure that your compensation packages are at par with, if not above, industry standards. Along with a good salary, offer benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, flexible work hours, remote working options, and paid time off. Such benefits show that you value their well-being and work-life balance, further encouraging them to stay with your company.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the role of AI in SMS marketing is pivotal, and leveraging it successfully requires the expertise of skilled software developers. Finding, hiring, and retaining these professionals may be a challenging task, but it’s a necessary one. Remember, the right team of developers can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your SMS marketing, making it a worthwhile investment.

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assist In Mobile Marketing?

With over 6.92 billion mobile phone users worldwide, it’s no surprise that mobile marketing has become one of the most effective and efficient ways for businesses to reach out to their target audience.

However, due to the ever-changing nature of mobile technology and consumer habits, it can be challenging for marketers to keep up with the latest trends and developments. Fortunately, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has presented a new opportunity for marketers to optimize their mobile marketing strategies.

artificial intelligence sms marketing

So what exactly is AI, how does it work, and how can it be used to assist in mobile marketing? Read on to learn more.

Understanding AI: How does it work?

AI is a broad term that describes any software or technology capable of performing tasks traditionally associated with human intelligence, such as understanding language, recognizing patterns, planning ahead, problem-solving, and decision-making.

These tasks are achieved by using algorithms or complex codes that allow AI  to process vast amounts of data quickly and accurately.

Moreover, the algorithms can be pre-programmed or “trained” using machine learning, a subset of AI that enables the system to refine its algorithms by learning from repetitive tasks and improving its accuracy over time without any explicit programming.

This “self-learning” capability makes AI a powerful tool in any business field, such as applying AI in the finance sector for fraud detection, and in the healthcare industry, for diagnostics and analysis.

In mobile marketing, AI is beneficial as it can quickly analyze customer data, identify patterns and trends, and make predictions about future behavior—all of which are critical components of successful mobile marketing campaigns.

How can AI Help in Mobile Marketing?

With the powerful capabilities of AI, marketers can now create more effective and efficient mobile marketing campaigns optimized for a better user experience and higher conversions. Here are some ways that AI can assist in mobile marketing:

1.   Personalized Ads

AI algorithms can sift through vast amounts of customer data to create highly personalized messages and offers tailored to an individual user’s needs and preferences.

For instance,  businesses can use AI to customize product recommendations based on past purchases or searches and personalize promotional messages based on location, time of day, and other factors. This level of personalization can increase engagement and conversion rates, as users are more likely to respond positively when they feel that the content or message directly speaks to their interests.

2.  Automate Processes

Another benefit of AI is that it can automate many mundane, time-consuming tasks associated with mobile marketing. This could include scheduling campaigns, managing customer data and segmentation, optimizing ad spending, etc.

In addition, marketers can also use AI-powered bots to automate customer service tasks such as answering FAQs, providing product recommendations, and resolving customer queries. By automating these tasks, they can focus on more strategic tasks while still delivering a better overall customer experience.

3.  Optimize Targeting and Segmentation

AI can also improve targeting and segmentation capabilities, making it easier for marketers to reach the right customers at the right time with the most relevant content. This is made possible by Machine Learning and AI-led technologies that can scan through customer data to determine the best audience for a particular message or offer. These technologies also uncover hidden connections and correlations among customer data sets that marketers can utilize to target and segment audiences.

4. Leverage Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics offers the ability to analyze existing customer data and extrapolate this information to gain insights into future behavior patterns. For example, if a user has previously purchased a product from an online store, the AI may be able to detect this pattern and suggest similar products in the future.

This predictive capability can enable marketers to tailor their strategy for each customer based on past behaviors and predicted interests. In addition, predictive analytics can also help brands identify high-value customers who are likely to become loyal customers.

ai text messaging

5. Augmented Reality Experiences

Since modern mobile devices are equipped with cameras, sensors, and other features that enable users to interact with digital content in the real world, businesses can utilize augmented reality (AR) to create immersive experiences tailored to mobile marketing efforts.

For instance, an AI-powered AR app allows customers to have a virtual store tour or let them virtually “try on” products before they buy them. Conversely, businesses can leverage the mobile games market to engage customers with AI-powered games that feature branded content.

6. Performance Tracking

Lastly, AI can help marketers track the performance of their mobile marketing campaigns across channels. With AI, marketers can automate data gathering from various sources such as emails, SMS messages, push notifications, websites, and social media to track user engagement metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, time spent on the app or website, conversion rates, and other indicators. 

With this data on hand, marketers can gain valuable insights into how users respond to their campaigns, allowing them to tweak their strategies and optimize for better performance in the future.


So, to answer the question of whether AI can assist in mobile marketing, the answer is a resounding YES! Overall, AI has been a major game-changer for mobile marketing—providing marketers with the tools and data they need to create more engaging experiences that improve user experience and increase conversions. And with its ever-growing capabilities and advancing technologies, it’s clear that AI will continuously be considered an indispensable tool in the marketing world.

How SMS Marketing can boost your sales this Holiday Season 2022

Recent study shows that about 76 percent of US businesses will be investing in SMS marketing this year 2022 to boost their sales.  This is a huge increase compare to previous years.  Business are starting to add more and more SMS text marketing to their Holiday promotions.

Now the festive season is upon us, it’s an ideal time to maximize sales with a strong marketing plan, including SMS marketing. With an open rate of 98% which is more than 4 times the rate for emails, it’s an opportunity not to be missed. Also, 90% of users who sign up for SMS marketing or SMS coupons feel that they get good value from it and would recommend a friend to sign up. Did you know that text messages are usually read within a staggering 5 seconds of receipt? With figures like these, it’s easy to see why you should harness the opportunity for a marketing campaign in the Holiday Season.



According to a Gallup poll, a quarter of Americans plan to spend $1,000 or more on gifts this year. So how should you go about boosting your sales this Holiday Season and making sure that as much of that $1,000 as possible is spent in your store?

Create an SMS Marketing Plan

Firstly, it’s advisable to start thinking about your campaign as soon as possible. People start their Christmas shopping early and the festive decorations and offers start appearing in stores and online many weeks beforehand. This also allows time for the proper research which is the next important issue to consider. Take a look at what other competing brands are offering this season and how your product fits into that – what can you offer that will set you apart?

Target the right demographic
The next important point to consider is targeting the right demographic. This is particularly important with text message marketing because although a vast proportion of the population use mobile phones and smartphones, you still need to consider which groups are more likely to engage with your SMS marketing and respond positively by seeking further information or heading to your store or website. For example, research has shown that younger people are more likely than the older population to be encouraged to buy something they discovered through SMS.

Send specific Holiday season messages
Considering how to maximize the benefit of this time of year with some season-specific offers is also imperative – don’t waste the opportunity to drive a lot of people to your website and footfall through your store. Rather than sending out the same messages and offers that you have all year round, think of something special aimed specifically at the Christmas or Winter Holiday season customers. This can be tied in with SMS coupons; for example, offering a 20% discount if the customer spends a certain amount of money in store before 22nd December. Not only will this tap into the Christmas shoppers market, but if you combine your efforts and make people aware of the SMS coupons they can get, by making it very prevalent on your website for example, then you may even attract more people who will sign up for the coupons and your text message marketing, feeding sales not just this Holiday Season but into the future.

Create urgency
Don’t forget that around 70% of people say they actually like receiving offers on their mobile phone, so it’s a great marketing tool to use. Another consideration is to think about the timing of the text message; these days shopping centers and malls typically stay open late during the Holiday Season for festive shoppers, so a well-timed text marketing communication in the early evening might reach a potential customer’s phone at just the right time so they can act immediately. This is where time-limited offers are also a good marketing tool – if a deal is for one day only, it’s more likely to get a good response, especially during this season when people are looking to cut their costs on gift purchases and get their shopping done before a certain date.

With the sheer numbers of people you can reach out to with the use of SMS marketing, it’s easy to see why this is such a great marketing tool. However it’s important to remember that it’s usually best to combine your efforts to improve results. With the Holiday Season in mind, when a well-timed SMS coupon is sent out in conjunction with a professionally designed website with a Holiday Season feel and some extra special items that you can’t get at any other time of year – well, that’s when you can start to see greater results.

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ProTexting Earns Instant Messaging Software Accolade from Leading B2B Review Platform

ProTexting is excited to announce that our platform has earned a prestigious accolate – industry award from a leading B2B software marketplace.

FinancesOnline, one of the most respected and reliable software review platforms today, recently presented ProTexting Earned with a Rising Star Award. This recognition is awarded to relatively new instant messaging solutions that have become increasingly popular among many users in just a short period of time.

ProTexting Earns Instant Messaging Software Accolade from Leading B2B Review Platform

To determine which instant messaging software solutions are among the most loved by customers, FinancesOnline analyzed a long list of products in the said category and used a rigorous criteria to come up with their own ranking of the best platforms in the marketplace. Thanks to its reliability and usability, as proven by a huge number of authentic, detailed, and positive customer reviews in various social media platforms, ProTexting has earned a spot in FinancesOnline’s list of popular instant messaging software products. 

The B2B software review platform also prepared an in-depth discussion of ProTexting’s core  capabilities. FinancesOnline’s team of expert software reviewers analyzed each of the key features that ProTexting is offering its users and concluded that it has all the key qualities that users are looking for in instant messaging solutions. The review also highlighted the robust features of ProTexting, which enable businesses to launch personalized, secure, and effective mobile marketing campaigns 

Moreover, FinancesOnline’s software review of ProTexting discussed in detail how users can use the platform to smoothly and successfully build, track, and handle their mobile marketing campaigns. Aside from those, ProTexting also helps users design and deliver SMS and MMS drip campaigns. With the solution’s real-time analytics and reporting tools, marketing teams can also have access to a range of campaign and audience insights that can help them improve their marketing efforts.

Furthermore, ProTexting served as a powerful remote marketing tool for teams during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to recent marketing statistics by MarketerHire, 39% of Americans relied on their mobile phones more due to social distancing mandates. That being said, ProTexting offered businesses and marketing teams with better ways to reach out to their customers during uncertain times. As mentioned by FinancesOnline’s team of expert software evaluators, ProTexting has enabled a number of businesses and organizations to connect and engage with their customers using two-way SMS and MMS messaging.

All of these remarkable features are what enabled ProTexting to earn an accolade from FinancesOnline’s, including it in the list of best instant messaging platforms. As a powerful communication and marketing platform, ProTexting provides a range of tools and features that help businesses develop and manage interactive and effective mobile messaging and marketing campaigns.

ProTexting Earns Accolade from Leading B2B Review Platform for SMS Marketing

With that being said, our team at ProTexting which Earned us this B2B Accolade would like to take this opportunity to thank FinancesOnline for granting us the honor of receiving this prestigious award. Rest assured that this will be our inspiration to become a better provider of instant messaging solutions to businesses of all scales. 

We also want to thank our customers and users for trusting ProTexting and making us a part of their SMS marketing journey. We look forward to more years of working with you. 

Why Mobile Marketing Software Should Be Your Priority in Current Times

Mobile Marketing Should Be Priority


If there is one thing business owners should use as leverage in this digital age, it is to utilize mobile marketing. With almost every person owning a mobile phone and accessing the internet, reaching out to your audience is more attainable. Read on to know why mobile marketing software should be your priority in current times.

Unlike before, doing advertisements is through paper, radio, and television which are expensive compared to less costly SMS mobile marketing. With the help of technology, publicizing your product or services to your target market is broader and effortless through SMS, MMS sending, and social media platforms. Anything that involves the use of the mobile phone is considered mobile marketing.

One of the prominent mobile commerce is SMS marketing. Although there are other messaging apps that people use nowadays, SMS or text messaging is still widely used. You will receive a text message for just about anything, promo updates, successful registration, pin code for transactions, order confirmation, and purchase status.

So if you’re a business owner and haven’t been taking advantage of mobile marketing, you’re missing a lot. 

  1. Everyone is Using Mobile Phones

Advertise where the users are. Admittedly, consumers spend more time on their phones than computers. More and more people rely on their mobile phones, and one person cannot simply live conveniently without having one. In a recent study by Semrush, in 2021, there were almost 450 million wireless mobile users in the US alone. It only shows how smartphones make it to the top of the global market. 

Mobile phone owners make up a huge part of internet users, making mobile marketing one of the most plausible and valuable marketing strategies. Given that most people browse through their mobile phones for online purchases rather than on their computers, showcasing your products and service on mobile will give your business the exposure to gather more customers.

Implementing SMS to your marketing strategy with mobile users as the target market in mind enables businesses to reach more people simultaneously. Mobile phones are primarily on hand, making it easy to reach out to potential customers since they can effortlessly open the message once the notification pops up.

2. Integration of Mobile Markering to Third Party Software

The exciting part about SMS marketing is that you can integrate it with other software applications for a seamless transaction. SMS integration lets the user send text messages through the computer and not a person doing manual sending. 

Mobile marketing software automates with an SMS Application Programming Interface (API) with a business application such as CRM software. Using CRM automation software, you can send updates and upcoming promos and notifications to a specific audience from your list of subscribers. 

However, before collecting data from the users, ask for consent. It is a prompt that asks permission about cookies or a small text file containing data about your browsing history and is used to improve web browsing. You can also connect your SMS and email marketing software to complement your company’s digital marketing strategies.

3. Highly Engaging with SMS Mobile Software

According to statistics compiled by 99 Firms, a person opens a text message within five minutes or less the moment they receive it. And mobile phone users from the US check their phones an estimated 47 times daily. Whether they are interested or not, there’s a big chance that they will read what the text message says. And that chance could convert into a paying customer. 

It is one of the cheapest ways to market your brand, yet the ROI is exceptional. Sending regular SMS messages to your customers is a way of communicating with them. It is direct, precise, and usually uses only a few words, so the users will not get bored reading since they can comprehend the message in a single glance. 

Some brands use shortcodes or keywords to engage their users. These keywords are highly compelling so that potential customers can become familiar with them and keep them on top of mind. Embed links are also helpful in SMS marketing, wherein the user needs to click the link and will redirect to a landing page with a call to action and complete details about the products or services. 

So for business owners looking to widen their reach and increase revenue, now is the right time to optimize the use of SMS marketing and make it a priority. 

4. Increase Customer Engagement with Mobile Marketing Software

Level up your customer satisfaction guarantee by integrating SMS mobile marketing software as a priority into your business software. Any industry, retail, manufacturing, service provider, education, hospitality, or even restaurants can take advantage of SMS marketing. 

Restaurant owners can track the different facets of their business by using the best restaurant management software that they can integrate into SMS marketing to receive accurate notifications. These messages will alert the restaurant owner or manager once an order comes in through their business software. It also lets them notify the customers about the status of their orders or even send a thank you message for patronizing the product or service.  

It could also be more beneficial for businesses that use mobile marketing to have an option to pay via mobile. It is the trend nowadays, plus it is more convenient, secure, and lets you transact without the need to make contact, especially in this time of the pandemic. 

Keep your customers engaged and build customer relationships by using sales-related text implying discounts, promos, and vouchers. It is a remarkable way to give back to your customers with their continuous patronage. It encourages customer loyalty and enables them to recruit more people to avail of what you offer. Never underestimate the power of words of mouth marketing. 

5. Gather Response From Customers

SMS is a quick and effective tool to track and collect customer feedback through surveys and ratings. It is a great way to enhance customer engagement by letting them share their thoughts that can improve your company’s customer service. Business owners can do different surveys, such as scoring, multiple-choice polls, or text to vote. 

It is an excellent way to conduct market research on how to improve your service to serve your customers better. It could be by creating campaigns, promos, and events based on the customers’ feedback and preference. After all, the goal of every business is to bring the best experience to their clients, that’s a reason to add mobile marketing as a priority. 

These surveys are easy to set up and don’t need much effort, by sending text messages all at once using an SMS Marketing platform. It can reach diverse consumers from any generation since text messaging is familiar to everyone, from baby boomers to Millenials and the Gen Z population. 

Mobile Marketing as a priority in the Modern Times

There’s no denying that we are gearing to a digital world where we can do things at the tip of our fingers. Mobile marketing automation made it easier to reach prospective and existing customers. With SMS marketing, reaching out to customers is more personal and is intended for the user. And because of this, it has a bigger chance of getting remembered, which can result in taking action. It is like talking to a friend about a secret (and discount!) that you know. 

Why you should make mobile marketing software a priority for you business and what makes it an unrivaled strategy to make your products and services known to the public? It brings instant results. Since it is accessible, handy, and powered most of the time, the owner will immediately receive the text notifications in real-time. And with the use of technology allows us to reach out to audiences worldwide.