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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Embrace SMS as Part of Your Marketing Campaign

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There’s a costly myth about mobile marketing: it’s all about Apps and devices.  The truth is, the key to mobile marketing is about engagement; and there’s an easy way to engage mobile users – just embrace SMS in your marketing Campaign!

SMS is an incredibly reliable and powerful communication tool. Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile phone. On top of that, with 98% open rate within 15 minutes of receipt and 90% reply rate within 3 minutes, SMS should definitely be integrated as a powerful engaging approach in your overall marketing strategy.

As a result, we are presenting the top 5 reasons why you should embrace SMS as part of your marketing campaign:  


SMS works across all operating systems

Unlike mobile apps, SMS capabilities don’t need to be adaptive across different operating systems. Additionally, it’s already built into phones; so, regardless if a customer is using android or iOS, you’re able to reach all of them in a cost-effective way.

turquoise-number-2-filled-512 SMS works on all phone types (yes, even “flip” phones)

If you are targeting a demographic that doesn’t have access to a smartphone, for example seniors, certain smartphone-specific tactics — such as one that is centered around mobile apps — have a good chance of being wasted.  However, SMS technology works on any type of phone from the past two decades and there is no sign of the SMS capability becoming obsolete in the future.  As a result, SMS enables you to reach a wide audience without alienating a key consumer segment.

turquoise-number-3-filled-512 Customers take a proactive role with SMS campaigns

As opposed to most email campaigns, customers are actively when they opt-in to receive messages on their mobile devices, specifically with SMS.  As a result, the recipients are acutely aware they chose to receive SMS messages and, as a result, are more likely to be engaged with your campaign.

turquoise-number-4-filled-512  SMS campaigns create a personal customer experience

With mobile SMS campaigns, brands are able to communicate with customers via more personalized medium.  Customers and marketers can enjoy a symbiotic relationship as customers receive more custom messages and marketers are able to receive responses in real-time and gain valuable insights from the interaction.

turquoise-number-5-filled-512  SMS campaigns yield both a high response rate and high conversion rate

As stated before, 98% of text messages are opened within the first 15 minutes of receipt and 90% are replied to within the first 3 minutes.  By contrast, emails campaigns have a 25% open rate and also battle against spam and other email filters.  As a result, when considering promotions, contest or general updates, SMS campaigns are a no-brainer.

Are you ready to start your SMS program? Here is an example:

Take the first step and text INFO to 82257 to contact ProTexting, a leader in mobile marketing.

Message and Data Rates May Apply. For Help, text HELP to 82257.

To unsubscribe, text STOP to 82257 or call 1-800-258-9115.

Last but not least, we would like to share some significant statistics and facts that you may want to know about mobile marketing through the infographic below. Mobile is undoubtedly one of the most important keywords in 2014 as the number of mobile subscribers and devices continues to grow. This infographic provides some insights that can help your future marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing Trends

Keep in mind that within the ProTexting SMS & MMS platform, you will be able to easily setup and run interactive messaging campaigns, such as: Text 2 Win (Sweeps), Drip Campaigns, Text 2 Vote, Text 4 Feedback (great to receive customers’ feedback), Text 2 Screen, and more.  Ask us if you need a custom campaign build for your brand.

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Kalin Kassabov

Kalin Kassabov

Kalin Kassabov is the ProTexting co-Founder and CEO. Kalin shares insights, tips, and case studies to help businesses and marketers effectively leverage SMS and MMS to reach and engage their target audience and drive results. ProTexting offers professional SMS and MMS Marketing Services for over 16 years.