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4 Ways to Increase Online Sales with SMS Marketing

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In our time and day, most people own smartphones and use the internet, no matter where they are in the world. One of the things that most companies do in order to increase their sales is to contact their customers and potential customers via emails and newsletters. The problem with this tactic is that not everyone always opens their emails and in many cases, the emails a company sends might not end up in their inbox.

SMS marketing can help you get in touch with your customers in a much more efficient way. They will always be receiving your texts and they will be able to reach out to you whenever they wish. Here are some ways in which your online sales can be increased with SMS marketing.

  1. Offering mobile coupons

One of the reasons why SMS marketing is so effective when it comes to increasing online sales is because you can easily make your clients interested by offering them online coupons. In most cases, it is way more likely for someone to make an online purchase if they have a coupon. In fact about 50% of consumers in the United States make direct purchases after receiving a Text Messages branded text, QR code or discount coupon via SMS or email.

“The good thing about offering mobile coupons through SMS is that your clients will most likely see them whenever you send them”, says Silvia Giltner, HR at ResumesCentre. One way you can make sure that this really happens is by offering them the chance to sign up to your SMS list through your website and letting them know they will have extra perks through it.

  1. Automated messages

A smart way too increase your sales through SMS marketing is to make your customers feel welcome and important. Running a business online is no easy task, but making sure to get back to your customers or give them a welcome is really important if you wish to have them return for another purchase.

One of the very first automated messages you can use on your website is a quick and simple greeting, after a new client has signed up to your SMS list. You can also use this technique whenever a customer takes a certain action on our website. For example, if you see that someone has left items in their cart, you can send them an SMS with a discount code they can use in order to complete their order within that same day.

“Automated messages will truly help you save a lot of time and energy when it comes to staying in touch with your customers and making them feel welcome”, notes Chris Mercer, CEO of Citatior. The more you show your potential customers that you are present and that you care about their experience with your business, the more likely they are to invest into a product or service that you offer.

  1. Personalizing your approach

SMS messaging can really help you change the way you approach your potential customers. Studies have shown that people are way more likely to open an email with a personalized subject line and the very same thing applies for SMS messaging.

The best thing you can do here is to split your contacts into groups, based on their preferences to your products, geographic region and even their names. The more you show them that you put care into sending them a personal message, the more likely they are to feel appreciated by you.

If you’re having any trouble adjusting your messages and personalizing them to each client’s needs, you can always find help through professional tools and services, in order to get a better understanding on how to compose your texts. You can use FlashEssay, a service, where you can find copywriters to help you create the best and personalized message.

Also, you can check a tool such as OnlineWritersRating, in order to find a professional who will be able to proofread your messages before you send them. This will help you make sure they are free of grammar and spelling errors and therefore make your brand look a lot more professional.

  1. Use time to your advantage

Another big reason why SMS marketing is important and very helpful is because you can be the one to choose when your contacts will view your messages. When you are sending an email, it is a lot more likely that your customers will most likely not read it at the time that you send it. If they don’t read it then, they might not read it at all, no matter how useful or interesting it might be.

“Texting is a much more immediate and personal form of communication than emailing”, says Amanda Sparks, marketing researcher for EssaySupply. Even if one of your customers doesn’t have internet access, they will still be able to receive your SMS. On top of that, most of the message will appear on their smartphone screen, making it a lot more likely for them to view the entire message.

The best thing you can do in order to achieve that is to send your messages at times where you believe it is easier for your audience to read them. For example, if your clients are mostly younger people who go to college, you should probably be sending them an SMS at around 5-9pm. At that time, they will most likely be back from class and on their laptops, playing games or doing their assignments.

In general, studies have shown that the most common day for retailers to send out SMS messages is on Fridays, that any other day of the week. This is a day where people will be a lot happier since the weekend is approaching and they might also be a lot more open to do some online shopping, if the right offer appears. Use these tips to your advantage and make the most of every day for your business.

Building a better relationship with your customers

By using SMS marketing as a way of communicating with your customers, you will be able to contact them much easier and you will be able to make sure that they always receive and read your messages. Even though social media and online means of communication are used a lot more in our day and time, there are many people who will still be happy to receive an SMS message with a personalized message and a good discount code. Give this a try for yourself, and you will see your sales increase in a blink of an eye.


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Kalin Kassabov

Kalin Kassabov

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