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ProTexting Joins Forces with HSRF to help raise awareness and funds for Hurricane Sandy victims

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The aftermath of Sandy continues here on the East Coast – especially in New Jersey,  New York and Connecticut area. Yesterday many victims were also negatively affected by a Nor’Easter storm that halted the work and help of many volunteers. This storm brought 60 mph winds and 4-13 inches of snow, record breaking numbers for this time of the year.

Both storms however, have not diminished or weakened the spirits of the people in the these areas. On contrary – it has made them stronger.

One of the great organizations that emerged right after Hurricane Sandy is Hurricane Sandy Relief Funds (HSRF). HSRF was built by the victims of Hurricane Sandy to help other victims in the community.  This foundation has been working hard to bring together volunteers, setup up shelters and donation centers, and raise awareness of what it will take to clean and rebuild the affected areas. As mentioned on their website – – “This will is not a sprint, it is a marathon” as it will take a long time to rebuild (est. 6-8 years).

We have also joined forces with HSRF – among other organizations and individual contributors and volunteers – to help this great cause. You can help by donating to this organization via text messaging:

Having experienced first-hand the effects of Sandy, as we had to evacuate our office and had to work remotely for a week, we know how important it is to land a hand and help our community. Despite the hurricane, ProTexting remained operational and we continued to serve our clients. We watched on TV as our downtown office building was surrounded by water and hoped and prayed for the best. We are thankful that everyone around us is safe.

However, not everyone was as lucky as we were. We can all help by making any type of donation – monetary, material goods, your own time.

To find more information about this great initiative and how you can be part of it visit

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Kalin Kassabov

Kalin Kassabov

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