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Why SMS Sweepstakes are a Great Way to Build Customer Loyalty

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Everybody loves prizes, giveaways and complimentary samples. This is why sweepstakes have long been among the most effective ways for businesses to engage with potential clients. One of these giveaways is text message sweepstakes. SMS sweepstakes are one of the most popular new methods of entering contests. With them, a giveaway can go a long way in creating a short-term buzz for a business. It is also an excellent way of getting subscribers and keeping customers coming back. Below is an overview of SMS sweepstakes.

SMS sweepstakes along with other sweepstakes are designed to attract customers while they are in a full purchase consideration mode. Potential customers enter a sweepstakes program with the hopes of winning a certain prize. Once the sweepstake is completed, the prize is awarded to the winner. These sweepstakes are an attractive option for entrepreneurs wishing to offer potential customers an exciting way of interacting with their business.

Also, SMS sweepstakes are an attractive and beneficial option for consumer. Below is an explanation of how to enter a sweepstakes program and what the benefits are:

How to join a sweepstakes program

To enter an SMS sweepstake, a person needs to text a specific keyword to a telephone number known as a short code. This information, also known as call to action, can be found in advertisements for the giveaway or in its rules. The person then uses their cell phone to send a text message to that number. In general, all an individual has to do is compose an SMS containing the keyword and then send it to the short code number. Generally, it is not necessary for participants to purchase any items in order to join a sweepstakes, but it is strongly recommended that participants read the Sweepstakes Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy so they understand what they are opting in for.

Benefits of joining a sweepstakes program

By registering for a sweepstakes program using a cell phone, a person may be agreeing to receive advertising messages texted to his or her cell phone. This can be beneficial for both the company that is promoting the sweepstakes as well as for the individual that is opting in to receive additional offers and alerts as SMS Marketing may provide better deals than other marketing channel. The overall sweepstakes rules and privacy policy should be listed on the sweepstakes official site. Also, a text message link is included in the advertisement language of the sweepstakes program.

For active users of cell phones, SMS sweepstakes are more effective when compared to those that take place at certain physical locations. They are also better than those that mail entry forms by post. If an entrepreneur runs a sweepstake from a business location, customers can only participate when the business is open. This means that the entrepreneur is missing out on more potential entries. If the sweepstake relies on mailings, no immediate impact is observed.

The importance of extending sweepstakes to the cell phone space is now apparent. Entrepreneurs owe it to themselves to utilize it as an addition to their next promotions. They should not let competitors gain an advantage by using this exciting way of engaging with customers. Ignoring the opportunity presented by SMS sweepstakes can seriously damage visibility of a business. Those interested can contact ProTexting, a well-known SMS sweepstakes provider.

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Kalin Kassabov

Kalin Kassabov

Kalin Kassabov is the ProTexting co-Founder and CEO. Kalin shares insights, tips, and case studies to help businesses and marketers effectively leverage SMS and MMS to reach and engage their target audience and drive results. ProTexting offers professional SMS and MMS Marketing Services for over 16 years.