Incorporating SMS Campaigns to Your Social Media Channels for Better Performance

As technology is advancing, SMS continues to grow and become a powerful source of marketing. It has proven more powerful than even social media campaign. Statistics show that 97% of people check their mobile phones every 15 minutes for a text message. Out of the 97%, 84% are bound to reply. Businesses capitalize on this fact in order to drive their sales.

Promote via SMS and Social MediaBut, as many other marketing tools, the power of SMS can be amplified when adding other channels. Social media is a great channel to compliment your SMS Marketing efforts and when SMS is integrated alongside other social media forums, a magic touch is added and an increase in sales is bound to be seen. The two marketing platforms can work hand in hand. A business that combines these two is bound to perform much better than one which uses only one of the above forms.

The question right is how a business can use SMS marketing to build themselves a wider social media platform?

Most businesses engage in text messaging to promote a one on one touch with their clients and communicate their sales to their clients in a quicker way. Businesses still use social media to increase their clientele base by targeting the youth mostly and following the norm of the modern times. Let’s integrate both marketing strategies and see how one can benefit from the other.

Businesses can leverage their Social media sign up list and extend them the option to join their SMS Marketing program. Anytime the company posts from new sales offers, to discounts or promotions; their clients can receive them directly to their phones. This flow ensures that your conversation does not stop on Twitter or Facebook but you have another channel to reach your audience – the SMS channel. The clients’ phone numbers are stored in your SMS Provider’s database.

Companies also have the option to send out an SMS alert from their SMS Platform and post that same alert on their social channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Another strategy is for companies to create a Text-to-Win campaign and promote the campaign on any Social media platform. Businesses can also start friendly competitions on social media all aimed at promoting their sales. The competition however, will run on text messages. You have to text a particular code and keyword in order to enter the Mobile Sweepstakes. Not only would businesses have acquired a lot of new phone numbers, but they would also see their sales increase.

Have you ever stopped for a minute and thought about the number of people buy online via the phone in a minute? Imagine the impact on your business sales if you were able to access their phone numbers. A simple text message will convert them to your clients. Remember to send them a URL that links them to your company’s social media sites and website.

These two powerful channels can help you grow interact with your customers, promote your brand and increase sales.



Kalin Kassabov is the ProTexting co-Founder and CEO. ProTexting offers professional SMS and MMS Marketing Services for over 16 years.

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