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Text Messaging Marketing in Religious Institutions

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Religious institutions are great at testing out and taking advantage of different technological tool. They have found the perfect balance of using tradition and innovation. Churches, mosques, synagogues as well as religious schools are very receptive to technology and open to keep their members engaged via different means.

One of the technologies that can be best utilized by churches and other religious institutions is SMS marketing. Text messaging marketing uses the mobile devices to send promotional information to a high number of cell phone users. It is estimated that a Short Message Services are read within four minutes of sending, and this makes them an effective tool for use by churches that want to reach a high number of individuals within a short time.

SMS Marketing for churches

Text to join and SMS Alerts

Text to join is a service that is used to collect phone numbers and email addresses that can then be used to communicate with them in the future. Churches and other religious institutions can use this service to ask their members to join their texting and e-mail alert programs and start communicating with the members on regular basis. SMS alerts are the easiest way that churches and other religious institutions can use SMS technology in their work. Text messages can be used to reach members of congregations with various messages. Religious institutions can perform their core functions of increasing spreading spirituality messages through SMS. In this manner, institutions of religion can reach many people, and hopefully influence their beliefs. SMS alerts can be used to communicate from a church to congregants about special events of the institution. Conferences, meetings and other events can be communicated to members inexpensively and fast. In matters spiritual, churches and other religious institutions can send SMS alerts to members periodically to strengthen their faith. For example, churches can send daily SMS alerts with bible verses.

Mobile Surveys

Religious institutions also need quality control methods to ensure that the services that they provide their members are satisfactory. Mobile surveys are an easy and economical to use; member are required to respond to questions about a particular issue using text messages. The results are then collated and such institutions use the results to improve their services. Better services translate to satisfied and spiritually sound members.

Text to Screen

Text to screen is a service that uses SMS to engage members of an audience. Using a designated short code and a keyword, a text message is sent, and then displayed on a big screen projection device where a greater audience can view its content. In religious institutions that have large audiences, this is a great way of communicating and engaging members. Texts by members of the audience in form of questions and comments can be relayed live on a display during a church service. This increases audience participation, and the message of the church is received more effectively.

Text messaging services is a good and effective technology that churches and other religious institutions can employ to effectively reach their audiences with their messages. If well utilized, they are also a great way of generating income for such institutions.


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Kalin Kassabov

Kalin Kassabov

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