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Feb 2019: Global Unique Mobile Subscribers over 5 billion

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Another record in the messaging industry! This time, the global unique mobile subscribers have reached 5,170,778,410 as of February 2019. This is a growth of 2.65% compare to last year’s data. (data provided by GSMA)

This number shows us all that SMS and MMS messaging channels is still huge, and there is no indication it’s slowing down. SMS messaging is a must have for any business in 2019, which will improve the overall business processes for marketing, communication, HR, project management, internal control, etc.

Feb 2019: Global Unique Mobile Subscribers over 5 billion

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Kalin Kassabov

Kalin Kassabov

Kalin Kassabov is the ProTexting co-Founder and CEO. Kalin shares insights, tips, and case studies to help businesses and marketers effectively leverage SMS and MMS to reach and engage their target audience and drive results. ProTexting offers professional SMS and MMS Marketing Services for over 16 years.