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Why Mobile Marketing Software Should Be Your Priority in Current Times

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Mobile Marketing Should Be Priority


If there is one thing business owners should use as leverage in this digital age, it is to utilize mobile marketing. With almost every person owning a mobile phone and accessing the internet, reaching out to your audience is more attainable. Read on to know why mobile marketing software should be your priority in current times.

Unlike before, doing advertisements is through paper, radio, and television which are expensive compared to less costly SMS mobile marketing. With the help of technology, publicizing your product or services to your target market is broader and effortless through SMS, MMS sending, and social media platforms. Anything that involves the use of the mobile phone is considered mobile marketing.

One of the prominent mobile commerce is SMS marketing. Although there are other messaging apps that people use nowadays, SMS or text messaging is still widely used. You will receive a text message for just about anything, promo updates, successful registration, pin code for transactions, order confirmation, and purchase status.

So if you’re a business owner and haven’t been taking advantage of mobile marketing, you’re missing a lot. 

  1. Everyone is Using Mobile Phones

Advertise where the users are. Admittedly, consumers spend more time on their phones than computers. More and more people rely on their mobile phones, and one person cannot simply live conveniently without having one. In a recent study by Semrush, in 2021, there were almost 450 million wireless mobile users in the US alone. It only shows how smartphones make it to the top of the global market. 

Mobile phone owners make up a huge part of internet users, making mobile marketing one of the most plausible and valuable marketing strategies. Given that most people browse through their mobile phones for online purchases rather than on their computers, showcasing your products and service on mobile will give your business the exposure to gather more customers.

Implementing SMS to your marketing strategy with mobile users as the target market in mind enables businesses to reach more people simultaneously. Mobile phones are primarily on hand, making it easy to reach out to potential customers since they can effortlessly open the message once the notification pops up.

2. Integration of Mobile Markering to Third Party Software

The exciting part about SMS marketing is that you can integrate it with other software applications for a seamless transaction. SMS integration lets the user send text messages through the computer and not a person doing manual sending. 

Mobile marketing software automates with an SMS Application Programming Interface (API) with a business application such as CRM software. Using CRM automation software, you can send updates and upcoming promos and notifications to a specific audience from your list of subscribers. 

However, before collecting data from the users, ask for consent. It is a prompt that asks permission about cookies or a small text file containing data about your browsing history and is used to improve web browsing. You can also connect your SMS and email marketing software to complement your company’s digital marketing strategies.

3. Highly Engaging with SMS Mobile Software

According to statistics compiled by 99 Firms, a person opens a text message within five minutes or less the moment they receive it. And mobile phone users from the US check their phones an estimated 47 times daily. Whether they are interested or not, there’s a big chance that they will read what the text message says. And that chance could convert into a paying customer. 

It is one of the cheapest ways to market your brand, yet the ROI is exceptional. Sending regular SMS messages to your customers is a way of communicating with them. It is direct, precise, and usually uses only a few words, so the users will not get bored reading since they can comprehend the message in a single glance. 

Some brands use shortcodes or keywords to engage their users. These keywords are highly compelling so that potential customers can become familiar with them and keep them on top of mind. Embed links are also helpful in SMS marketing, wherein the user needs to click the link and will redirect to a landing page with a call to action and complete details about the products or services. 

So for business owners looking to widen their reach and increase revenue, now is the right time to optimize the use of SMS marketing and make it a priority. 

4. Increase Customer Engagement with Mobile Marketing Software

Level up your customer satisfaction guarantee by integrating SMS mobile marketing software as a priority into your business software. Any industry, retail, manufacturing, service provider, education, hospitality, or even restaurants can take advantage of SMS marketing. 

Restaurant owners can track the different facets of their business by using the best restaurant management software that they can integrate into SMS marketing to receive accurate notifications. These messages will alert the restaurant owner or manager once an order comes in through their business software. It also lets them notify the customers about the status of their orders or even send a thank you message for patronizing the product or service.  

It could also be more beneficial for businesses that use mobile marketing to have an option to pay via mobile. It is the trend nowadays, plus it is more convenient, secure, and lets you transact without the need to make contact, especially in this time of the pandemic. 

Keep your customers engaged and build customer relationships by using sales-related text implying discounts, promos, and vouchers. It is a remarkable way to give back to your customers with their continuous patronage. It encourages customer loyalty and enables them to recruit more people to avail of what you offer. Never underestimate the power of words of mouth marketing. 

5. Gather Response From Customers

SMS is a quick and effective tool to track and collect customer feedback through surveys and ratings. It is a great way to enhance customer engagement by letting them share their thoughts that can improve your company’s customer service. Business owners can do different surveys, such as scoring, multiple-choice polls, or text to vote. 

It is an excellent way to conduct market research on how to improve your service to serve your customers better. It could be by creating campaigns, promos, and events based on the customers’ feedback and preference. After all, the goal of every business is to bring the best experience to their clients, that’s a reason to add mobile marketing as a priority. 

These surveys are easy to set up and don’t need much effort, by sending text messages all at once using an SMS Marketing platform. It can reach diverse consumers from any generation since text messaging is familiar to everyone, from baby boomers to Millenials and the Gen Z population. 

Mobile Marketing as a priority in the Modern Times

There’s no denying that we are gearing to a digital world where we can do things at the tip of our fingers. Mobile marketing automation made it easier to reach prospective and existing customers. With SMS marketing, reaching out to customers is more personal and is intended for the user. And because of this, it has a bigger chance of getting remembered, which can result in taking action. It is like talking to a friend about a secret (and discount!) that you know. 

Why you should make mobile marketing software a priority for you business and what makes it an unrivaled strategy to make your products and services known to the public? It brings instant results. Since it is accessible, handy, and powered most of the time, the owner will immediately receive the text notifications in real-time. And with the use of technology allows us to reach out to audiences worldwide.  

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Kalin Kassabov

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