Texting by the numbers with Gulf Coast Bingo

Gulf Coast Bingo is the place where you’ll shout Bingo and Win Big more than ever! They offer Huge Payouts, Unbelievable Daily Specials, Raffles and more. Located in five bingo halls spread throughout Pensacola Florida, they offer a large, comfortable and friendly environment.  Known to celebrate players’ birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings in their hall, Gulf Coast Bingo is much more than gaming, it’s one big happy family that celebrates its community.  Due to the economy, Gulf Coast Bingo had notice a major downturn in customer participation.  So they came up with some innovative ways to keep current customers engaged by offering discounts, specials, creative events and more.  They used a variety of marketing tools to engage their community. Tomorrow we will tell you which tools they used and which one scored big time on the game card! — KK

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