Big Screen, Little Screen

 Are you a marketing expert who wants to learn more about Mobile Marketing?  You can become an expert in mobile marketing and guide your business or your customers to create a winning mobile strategy that keeps costs low and rewards high.  Mobile phones are outpacing TV sets by over 3 to 1. The numbers speak for themselves.  Mobile marketing allows you to instantly be where your customers are. There is no closer connection to your customers than being able to reach them on their personal phone.  If you would like to try mobile marketing, now is a good time. There are a few simple principals that really are not so simple because people, even the best marketers, often forget them.  Stay tuned until tomorrow when we talk about why your message is so important.–KK


Kalin Kassabov is the ProTexting co-Founder and CEOAbout ProTexting - Based in New York City, and founded by CEO Kalin Kassabov and CTO Petar Kassov, ProTexting offers a comprehensive suite of interactive mobile marketing tools.

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