Is Text Messaging Funny? You Decide

This is the first time that text messaging was incorporated into a Standup Comedy routine.  It’s also the first time a mobile marketing company has worked with a professional Comedian to tell their story and deliver their message about the power of text messaging.  Another first–this is the first time a Comedian created a hilarious improv routine using texting and technology before a live audience where there is no mercy if things go wrong.

Things did wrong. The first time the shoot was scheduled on July 18th Manhattan was struck with a torrential thunderstorm that flooded subways.  There were several reports of people on the street getting struck by lightning.  Hailstones the size of golf balls rained on Union Square. This storm was a real showstopper, and the audience never showed up, so the shoot was rescheduled for August 1st, but enough footage was shot to make this teaser video

Soon the actual comedy videos will be released and we will post the links everywhere, so you can decide: Is Text Messaging Funny?  —Kalin J.