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Mobile Marketing as a Service tool in the Auto Industry

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In our last blog we talked about how mobile marketing can be used in the Healthcare Industry.

Mobile Marketing for the Auto Industry

This week’s blog will focus on how mobile marketing can be utilized as a service tool in the Auto Industry.

One way that mobile marketing may be used in the Auto Industry is to remind drivers about upcoming inspections. So, with inspection reminders a month before the due date, everybody will be prepared for the road.

Example  text CARINSPECTION to 63566 to get reminders about yearly inspections.

Another way group text messaging may be used in the Auto Industry is for regular checkups and Oil Change Reminders. This is a pro-active and action that increases customer loyalty, delivers superior service and provides a cost effective solution.

Dealers may designate a short code, for example, text CHECKUP to 63566 to get oil change reminders when they are due.

Same as with the inspection reminder, dealers have the option of having clients text them back if need be. The interaction between the dealer and client is what makes or breaks the sale sometimes, and having a dealer who is attentive of clients’ needs will have his or her client coming back and even bringing in friends and/or family to buy cars from this dealer.

Those are just some of the ways how the Auto industry uses Mobile Marketing. Please comment if you’d like to share other ways.

In the next article we will be talking about Education and Mobile Marketing. Stay tuned.


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Kalin Kassabov

Kalin Kassabov

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