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How to Run Successful SMS Marketing Campaigns Using Verification Tools

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When running SMS campaigns, verification tools can help you reach a targeted audience and collect valuable data about participants. You can require participants to verify information such as their name, age, zip code or other information before taking part in your campaign. You have a variety of choices for verification tools or validators. The ones you use will vary depending on the needs of your campaign.

With a survey, for example, you may only be interested in targeting people of a certain age or who live in certain areas. In some cases you may want to verify people’s age before allowing them to participate in a certain promotion. Let’s look at some of the ways verification tools can help you conduct more targeted campaigns.

Types of Validators You Can Use

Depending on the type of campaign you are conducting and your own preferences, you can use several types of verification. The way this works is that after someone enter the keyword code you provide them, an automated message is sent to the number they provided. They must then validate certain information before the process can continue. Some examples of validators you can use include:

  • Names -When users enter their names, it gives you the chance to send them personalized messages. This is similar to what is often done in email marketing, allowing newsletters to be addressed to the recipient by name. The same can be done in SMS marketing. When people see their names in a message, it gives it a more personal feel.
  • Zip Codes -Zip codes are extremely useful as validation tools. Validating zip codes pinpoints the location of users, allowing you to verify their location and also send them relevant information. This is particularly useful if you have a business with multiple locations. You can also use zip codes as a way to aggregate data, so you know where your customers are located. This is useful even for web based businesses.

If you have a store with multiple branches, for example, users will type in the keyword code and receive a message asking them to enter their zip code. They will then receive a reply telling them the nearest store location. You might also have coupons or promotion codes that are specific to certain locations. For certain campaigns, you may only want to reach people within certain zip codes. By verifying zip codes, you will not waste resources sending messages to people who don’t meet your criteria.

  • Age -Age is another important verification tool. For many campaigns, you may need to verify that participants are over a certain age, such as 18 or 21. This is something often seen on websites, where visitors must check a box verifying their age before continuing. Another way to use age validation is to require people to fill in their birthday. This not only verifies age, it gives you the ability to send out birthday greetings or a promo code. Many restaurants, for example, provide people with free items on their birthday.

You can ask for as much information you want. For some campaigns, you might ask for name, age and zip code. For others, you may only ask for one piece of information. It depends how targeted your campaign is and how much data you are trying to collect.

Validators can be used for any type of SMS campaign, including coupons, sweepstakes, surveys and voting. They give you a simple way to collect valuable information that identifies and qualifies participants. It’s important to consider which validators you want to use with each campaigns. If you’d like to add validators to your text message campaign or discuss how to use them, please let us know.


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Kalin Kassabov

Kalin Kassabov

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