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Messaging Market Today and Tomorrow – Capitalizing On the API Opportunities

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We are currently a part of an ever-expanding digital era that has already gone past leaps and bounds when it comes to technology. Lifestyles have become so fast-paced that businesses are looking to cash in ways where that efficiency is not compromised.

Among such ways are messaging marketing. It is a fast and self-reliant source of marketing that doesn’t require much effort on both ends, rather just smart use of strategy. According to SMS marketing stats, it is predicted that up to 50 million consumers would opt-in to receive messages about business marketing in 2020.

Text Messaging Market - API Opportunities

However, messaging marketing is not a new concept. It came around earlier soon after people discovered how beneficial using smartphone features can be for marketing. And since then, the messaging market has changed significantly over time. Today, you can use better-messaging tools that provide more personalized experiences for your customer.

What Is An SMS API And How Does It Work?

An SMS API is a shortcode that builds a bridge for one platform to another. It basically allows one platform to have a communication channel with another so that information and data can be exchanged.

The code works by taking certain criteria and authentication keys from the system to turn it into a readable and usable format for the other party. Many different individuals and specialized software are available that provide quality SMS APIs that are mainly of two types.

–     What is HTTP?

HTTP or the Hypertext Transfer Protocol API is best suited for any type of website and is considered a standard kind undertaken by different organizations. For instance, if you run a unique eCommerce store, a pre-build CRM, or a WordPress blog, an HTTP API is the perfect choice for you as it has the easiest integration and can be deployed in no time.

–     What is REST?

The Representational State Transfer or REST SMS API is a more complex API than HTTP. It had better flexibility and scalability for a more advanced and dedicated system. Much like its name, it uses a restful set of rules that dictate how the API code is written.

For instance, if your company uses a system that caters to thousands of consumers at a time, the REST option is a better fit for you than HTTP. Even though it is complex to integrate, it is a better option overall.

–     How does it work for API?

The messaging API allows the data to be transferred between a bot server to your platform users. These requests are initiated through HTTP or REST API, depending on which one you have undertaken to use. The user sends a message to the official platform and then receives a thread of generated replies through the platform.

Ways to Use SMS and Messaging APIs for Marketing

Let’s find out how you can use SMS and messaging APIs for marketing purposes.

1.   You can send reply messages

APIs allow you to send reply messages back to your customer who initiates the link or vice versa. This allows you to build a real-time connection instead of just one way messaging that might end up in spam after some time because of a lack of response. A useful tip is to integrate call for action and engaging content because it is a key to convince your customer to respond.

2.   Allows you to send push messages

You can send push messages directly to your customer that will show up on their screens as pop-up notifications. This feature doesn’t even require a request acceptance and can work one way without negative consequences.

3.   Variety of message types you can send

There is no fixed type of messages that you can send through using messaging APIs. You have a wide array of different options to choose from that suit your audience and business field the best. However, you have to see if your customer uses the latest and most updated device and has the right SMS configurations to receive certain types of texts, then you can use:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Location Links
  • Image maps
  • Stickers
  • Templates
  • Flex Messaging
SMS Marketing Group Chats

4.   Get content and user profile

Just as you can send various types of messages to your customers, you can receive these types of messages too. In order to create engagning mesaeges yo can use multiple software like Grammarly and Hemingway App. Also human assistance like dissertation writing services can serve you with this.

However, customers should understand that as an official platform tackling millions of data influx, it is the job of the software system integration. Usually, your messages are received by bots. Many organizations are transparent that way, and also customers are highly aware of who they are communicating with these days.

Similarly, when the user responds or initiates a connection, the platform can receive user profile information based on who they are interacting with and how much information sharing they have allowed.

Data like location, status, display name, and images can be legally shared and used by organizations to increase traction and create a better, more personalized experience for their customers. This is precisely why many text messaging apps are built-in the system software of the smartphone and sync the user information.

5.   Join in on group chats

Messaging APIs can also work in a group messaging setting but require permission from the members for integration. It is a highly effective marketing tactic because you get to exchange valuable information with several people in a single sitting at a time.

Many messaging APIs use a link feature that provides a secure link to their customer in order to receive a one-on-one messaging chat with the service provider. This allows you to link back and find the previous chat that you might have had. Companies use this as a way to highlight their most engaging customers.

Bottom Line

All in all, messaging APIs are a great messaging marketing tool that organizations should take advantage of. With time the technology will advance, and such tools will become dominant marketing tools for businesses. Hence, there is the exponential growth potential for companies undertaking API messaging for marketing.

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Kalin Kassabov

Kalin Kassabov

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