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How to Use Location-based Advertising with SMS

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Receiving promotional text messages about every sale of a brand that you have never heard of is a universal experience. We often receive updates about different restaurants and shops we have seen been to through SMS, which ends up tempting you into emptying your pockets. Marketing campaigns have gone a long way from giving our brochures to sending promotional messages based on your location. You’ll often hear about a new apparel outlet or a new restaurant that recently opened near you through location-based SMS advertisement. Learn how to use location based advertising with SMS.

Mobile Location Based Marketing

Geolocation based marketing is a great strategy to help gather new customers by attracting them to the content of their choice in their vicinity. Here’s how you can reach a larger audience or new customers by using the technique of location-based SMS marketing;

1.   Obtain Desired Locations Using Web Forms

As the name says, location-based advertisement is all about the geographical area in which your business or brand has been set up. SMS advertising helps you reach out to people belonging to a specific area and gathers more customers.

People often log onto a website and see the option to subscribe to newsletters and web forms to receive future emails and SMS updates about a specific brand. You can collect geo-information from your customers or use web forms to reach out to people living close to your brand’s outlet.

For example, you launched a new business and need help gathering an audience; promotional SMS messages can be used for specific areas of a city. Location-based marketing makes it easier and accessible for customers, as they can avail all the offers and purchase products by checking out an outlet that’s nearest to them.

Customers often consent to fill web forms that require information in order to keep themselves updated and not miss out on any sales and offers. The right way to keep them in touch with your brand’s development is by sending out area-specific messages to different communities.

2.   Create Different Campaigns Based on Areas

A business is set to grow on a bigger basis and reach out to customers belonging to every background. Therefore, brands often start slow and end up building up to launching several outlets in every area of the city. Different cities and towns each have their outlets of the same brand that makes it accessible for every person.

You can organize different marketing campaigns based on the different locations of your branches. For example, if you have opened up a new branch somewhere, you can create specific offers and deals for the people near you and attract a huge number of local citizens.

Location-based SMS campaigns are an affordable and effective way to get new customers as well, and you can reach out to them via SMS. It increases brand awareness and customer loyalty because different kinds of brands become accessible to people belonging to all areas.

3.   Use Location-Specific Keywords

A lot of brands and companies use keywords in SMS marketing to differentiate branches based on location. You can have location-specific keywords for each outlet of your brand, so it makes it easier for your customers to receive updates or get information through SMS.

For example, different branches of a food chain will have location-based keywords used in marketing campaigns, in-store, google maps, and contact information. It helps the customer refer to their relevant branch and get the help they need.

You can divide your different outlets into segments based on specific area codes, which helps customers find the nearest branch to get the required information.

4.   Utilize Old Customer’s Data

People often fill out feedback and suggestion forms that provide a company with a customer’s required information. Therefore, when a company is launching a new product or moving to a different location, you can use the previous data from your records and inform your customers.

When expanding your company and building different branches over the country, you can utilize the same contact information to increase brand awareness among the customers. For example, you can send your customers all the updates on your business, and it will come in handy if they are traveling and want to check out your new outlets as well.

5.   Target Specific Audience

Location-specific data gives you a wide range of options to target specific audiences as well. If your brand is introducing a new product or a service, you can reach out to your previous customers who have shown interest in the same area and promote your brand.

You can utilize both location data and user data to send out relevant text messages to a specific audience. For instance, you have some customers who bought apparel from your brand; you can introduce them to any new designs or offers through SMS.

Location-based Advertising with SMS

6.   Instantly Attract New Customers

Location-based SMS marketing is a targeted method of promoting your brand, so it costs less and is highly effective as well. Social media campaigns and emails have a lesser chance of reaching a large audience, but SMS marketing makes it easier for customers.

When you are targeting every area of a city and making different outlets accessible to a large number of populations, you increase brand awareness and attract new customers. People moving to a new place can also receive launch dates, events information and spread this information among their neighbourhood fellows.

Any marketing leads to the overall growth of a business gives insight into how location-based campaigns tend to reach a larger audience. Many digital companies, including digital marketing Houston TX use location-based SEO practices to generate convertible leads.

Takeaway โ€“ Set Up Location-Based Advertisement for Mobile

People have their phones in their hands whenever they are traveling from one place to another, so having location-specific SMS keywords helps them locate their favorite brand’s outlet easily. SMS marketing gives you updates and offers about all the brands on your smartphones and having the option to go to your nearest retail shop to avail yourself of all the discounts. Most marketing campaigns are only limited to specific branches, but location-based SMS updates help reach out to people belonging to every part of the city.

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