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Who uses text messaging?

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It may come as no surprise that young adults, between the ages of 18 and 24, use text messaging more than any other demographic group.  Another point of reference, non-whites, especially African Americans, text more than other ethnic groups. And it used to be that the lower the education and income level, the more these groups relied on text messaging. Now the shift is changing, more and more businesses are discovering that when the traditional modes of marketing and social media arteries are clogged, it is text messaging that is breaking through the bottleneck and instantly reaching customers. (Pew Internet: Americans and Text Messaging) –KK

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Kalin Kassabov

Kalin Kassabov

Kalin Kassabov is the ProTexting co-Founder and CEO. Kalin shares insights, tips, and case studies to help businesses and marketers effectively leverage SMS and MMS to reach and engage their target audience and drive results. ProTexting offers professional SMS and MMS Marketing Services for over 16 years.