College Campus Meals—nothing counts more than getting there on time!

Anyone who has eaten in a college dining hall knows how important it is to be informed about food.  Depending on what’s being served, some lines are longer than others.  And nothing is more disappointing to find out that there has been a run on spaghetti and meatballs and only the breadsticks are left. Sodexo, who provides fresh, nutritious meals to college cafeterias, sought to drive more traffic during off-peak hours to their counters. Sodexo had other goals too.  They wanted to keep students informed about events on the campus and emergency alerts.  They also wanted to conduct mobile surveys to get feedback from students that would bring value to their clients—the universities and colleges that they served.  Do college students want to hear about what’s being served in the campus dining halls tonight?  We will answer this question and more so stay tuned. –KK

*photo courtesy of Chef Franco Lania

    1. Candice Alvarado July 17, 2012

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