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About Nolcha Fashion Week: New York September 10th –13th

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Coinciding with New York Fashion Week (and also recognized) is Nolcha Fashion Week: New York, a celebration of independent designers. Over the past five years Nolcha Fashion Week has established itself as a platform of discovery promoting innovative fashion designers through runway shows and exhibition during New York Fashion Week. The event is officially listed with Mercedes Benz as the two recognized Fashion Weeks by New York City Economic Development Corporation; offering a range of cost effective options to increase designers recognition and develop their business.

For the fashion biz, September is the most exciting month of the year! Nolcha has an incredible corner on the market and brings together media, retailers, celebrities, rock stars and investors to ogle the latest work of top-tier designers: the mod, the fab and the famous many of whom are from the UK and bring the same aura, excitement and glamour that Carnaby Street brought to London in the 1960s. Good energy and lots of networking opportunities are here for upstart designers and business professionals alike who together are the heart of the fashion industry. Check out the full schedule of events September.  Starting tomorrow we are going to talk about some of our favorite fashion brands who are part of Nolcha Fashion Week –Kalin J.

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Kalin Kassabov

Kalin Kassabov

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